176 Responses to “Dangerous Made-In-China Products: 2007 Timeline”

  1. medyum says:

    why doesn’t things that come from china have to meet any special critiea?? whats up with our goverment letting this happen??what are our politician doing about it??are we that stuipd that we can’t see that there doing this on purpose especially with so many things!!!!!

  2. medyum says:

    The people of China have a very strong business culture with a good work ethic and a desire to excel in the business world. The Chinese people are innovative and well educated and are always looking for new development, working on their trade standards, or perfecting an existing product, so China’s market place is very professional. I don’t see how products could be of low standards.

  3. Jay Calloway says:

    I have to say that as an American, I am sick of seeing chinese made goods being sold on American soil. I for one intend to do something about it. I am an American born engineer by day and an inventor by night. I am now engaged in the process of bringing an American made product to market. I plan to print the words “NOT MADE IN CHINA” on the packaging to express that we are indeed an American company producing American made products for the American consumer.

    All of you manufacturers of childrens items especially babies, should be ashamed. You place a greater importance on profits than you do the safety of our children.

    You people are driven by your own greed. I refuse to do business with any company who outsources manufacturing to CHINA, SRILANKA or any other country for that matter. You are selling your souls to the DEVIL. You are empowering their economy and weakening ours. People such as yourselves should be tried for treason.
    Your taking away jobs from hard working American citizens.

    Listen up president Obama you need to place stiff tariffs on any goods imported to this country. Stop providing foreign aid to other countries. You say that the American consumer should have the freedon of deciding which products to purchase. Competition is good, it increases quality of goods for the consumer.
    Ask yourself how many choices the japanese consumer has when purchasing a car. More importantly, how many different American vehicles can the japanese consumer choose from. The answer is zero. They don’t sell American cars in Japan!
    I spent three months in japan this past summer on several business trips. The entire time I was there the number of American cars could be counted on both of my hands!
    We need to take care of our own. We are in a crisis situation. The American way of life is at stake.
    The future of our children is at stake. It is time to take action. I ask that any of you who is planning to start a business or bring a new product to market here in America, do so immediately!
    Your country, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is counting on you. The government will not change the way business is done. We the citizens of the United States of America must act now!

    Ask your self how many contributions to science were invented by the chinese. THey can’t even design their own weaponry for equippintg their military. They had to take sides with the Russians who showed them how to manufacture the AK47.Then ask yourself the same of American contributions to science. Now take a moment to do a search on the internet. You will be astounded at the number of scientific contributions developed here in America, in comparison to CHINA and other foreign countries. The fact is, we are the most inventive and innovative country in the world. We invented the ligth bulb the phonograph, motion pictures, the transistor, the microprocessor,
    television, photo copier, and so many more contributions. We were once an industrial giant.

    The Chinese do not invent, they copy everything we do.
    If you don’t believe me, look at the types of products they are offering.

    but it is getting worse, the chinese military is now recruiting large numbers of college graduates. They are the next super power fueled by the greed of American corporations.

    We need to close our universities and junior colleges to foreign students and eliminate student visas. It does our country no good to educate these people who will return to their country after graduation to serve the needs of their country.

    eliminate NAFTA:
    NAFTA only benefits the econonomies that are south of the border. The corporations love NAFTA because it opens the doors to cheap labor. Why should these U.S. companies continue to manufacturer products on U.S. soil when they can employ mexicans at a labor rate that is 6 to 7 times lower than that which they would pay to an American worker?

    Do the right thing for America. Take a stand. Boycott Chinese made goods. Complain to Home Depot about the cheap made in china screws that break in half when hand tightened. Complain to Your local gov’t representative about the lead based paint in your childrens’ toys. Complain about the 10s of thousands of chinese made tires deemed unsafe that were recently sold from a retailer in NJ. Complain about the CHINESE tooth paste that killed innocent consumers. Complain about the CHINESE made drywall that is being spoken of in the news that resulted in so many recent illnesses and the expenditure of millions of U.S. dollars to expose of the toxic waste the CHINESE call drywall.

    A very disturbing trend that is taking place is the buying up of american land by foreign CHINESE, JAPANESE companies and private investors. We have what they want “LAND”. Have you ever been to Japan. land is so scarce there that they build gas staions with gas pumps mounted high above the pavement. They build elevevators for temporary storage of their vehicles.
    The Japanese parking garage looks like something that Otis elevator would have fabricated. Why do you think that the japanese car companies have built their manufacturing plants in America. he reason is that there is no available land in Japan upon which a factory can be built. The city of Tokyo is largerly a man made land mass. The same can be said for CHINA.
    This is also the reason that everything produced in Japan is made increasingly smaller. They don’t have large homes. They don’t have large plots of land. But wait yes they do, The land is called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  4. Bob says:

    It is the fault of the US law system, employee appreciation and employee work ethic that its cheaper to manufacture in China. US lost manufacturing infrastructure it used to have. Besides, US capitalist does not have to worry about rest of the details associated with the maintaining the workforce. the People in us continue buying stuff they don’t need – 99% of garages I see are packed with stuff. This buying creates demand, for cheap stuff, we buy lots of it. How to fix it? Don’t buy “made in china” labeled products. Buy European, south American, Japanese, canadian, russian products, there is plenty of them. We don’t, because we are too cheap. We are focused on the bottom price vs quality. “Made in China” are the cheapest, so we buy lots of it. It breaks, throw it away, buy another one like it. Heck, buy extra just for backup when buying the first one. I don’t advocate to buy American, lots of that is poor quality, mostly due to loose QA practices. US manufacturers are slowly grasping the concept of quality vs quality.

  5. Marie says:

    Excuse me but the bottom line was and still is slave labour. Wake up and smell the blood, sweat and tears.

  6. Ron says:

    I simply refuse to buy it if the label reads “Made in China” I see Nativity Scenes in BJ’s and they are made in China…the same country that refused to allow athletes to enter the country with a Bible during the Olympics. And people wonder what’s wrong with our ecomomy. Why our unemployment rate is high…c’mon. I’ll do without before I contribute to the problem. I am an American….how about some of the CEO’s out there….don’t you care, or is everything in your life about sticking a couple more dollars in your pocket.

  7. nikhil says:

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  8. bath mateus says:

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  9. kiramatali shah says:

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  10. Ankara Parke says:

    Made in China is not dangerous anymore, if you ask me. After all, China is a preferred source of goods and services because of the relatively low cost of
    manufacturing and raw materials available there, but the final products are developed somewhere else.

  11. Catherine says:

    My 5yr old daughter has started on a restricted diet. So, we would like to find a milk alternative that is enriched with calcium. We found Rice Dream Enriched Original (1-800-434-4246 – a number in Canada). As I was curious to the origin of the ingredients of this product, I called the company. I learned that the rice is from the US, the salt from Argentina or Mexico, but the source of “enrichment” – a readymade powder, originates in China(YIKES!!!!!). The customer service representative at Rice Dream also told me that any of North America’s “enriched” foods, no matter what you are buying – flour – cereals – whatever – has likely used this readymade mixed enriched powder that originates in China. Apparently they supply most of the enrichment vitamin/mineral powder used in our foods.

    I don’t think the lady I spoke to from Rice Dram can make this claim “officially”, but it was concerning to hear. Does anyone here know where to reference me (a government soucre? a watchdog group?) so that I can investigate her claim further?

    Want to help? If you have time, please call all companies that manufacture any of the enriched foods you buy (including such foods as calcium fortified orange juice) and just ask them this question “What are the origins of the countries of the ingredients you use in your products? Do any of them come from China? In particular, does your source of “Enrichment” come from China”. Let me know what you learn….

    Please post what you learn…


  12. ReplytoCatholic says:

    Like a priest in a brothel the west is willing to forego its hysterical exhortations of ever increasingly unattainable ‘safety’ in the persuit of cheapness at the level of both its junk and value consumption. An electric drill costing 8E is something many people are going to use but a few times over a once in a lifetime DIY blitz — if the thing doesn’t survive for the next job, well.. (my drill and saw do sterling service by the way where some other of my chinese purchses fall to pieces) The chinese attitude toward the junk end they supply carries at least a sense of humour: If you (catholics) buy this kind of crap for your kids then you all deserve to die anyway, arf.

  13. henrylow says:

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  14. why doesn’t things that come from china have to meet any special critiea?? whats up with our goverment letting this happen??what are our politician doing about it??are we that stuipd that we can’t see that there doing this on purpose especially with so many things!!!!!

  15. henrylow says:

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  16. It’s time for America to Install an Embargo on “All Chinese Product Imported Into The U.S.” until U.S. Inspectors can Approve All Manufacturinf and Packaging and Shipping of these Products That Ensure their Safety to American Buyers!

  17. Dr. K says:

    So it is 2010, who cares?! All the products Americans are able to buy are still Chinese garbage. We shouldn’t blame Obama, unless he does nothing about it-he was left with a legacy of incompetence, ignorance, greed, corruption, murder, and retardation from the Bush administration as they pissed America’s money away and made shady business deals to keep their own family oil business going rather than trying for renewable/recyclable resources. I still am boycotting all Wal-mart & Chinese products. I wonder what people do who are now having children and have to worry about milk bottles and products made w/ melamine and other toxic substances.
    *****IN RESPONSE TO WHOHOO the goddamn idiot. It IS the Chinese Government and workers who are doing this and they know it, you f***ing retard. Did you not see that medical supplies are contaminated?! Do you not understand the concept of how they are poisoning people?! I am not a rascist, and I do not believe all Chinese people are bad people, however I do believe that many Chinese know exactly what is going on based on postings here to try to still get us to buy these products (and the fact the leaders kill themselves when they are found out-hmm). ***What do you call it then when all products from a country are poisoned?! When your child or pet dies or becomes retarded, is that racism? You think you’re a genius but you’re an idiot-but don’t worry I won’t poison you like a coward, I would do it the American way and beat your head in. And as for all this talk of how hard it is for the Chinese to survive-It’s not Africa, I’ve never heard that they have difficulty eating and getting jobs (maybe in Burma, but that is not China) so maybe you should do some research about if they are starving or not before making unsupported statements. Additionally, “SCRUTINIZE” all the products you want you piece of garbage, unless you’re using a microscope it will be hard to see toxic substances but you’re so smart you can just look at pet food and know whether it is contaminated or not-retard.
    **in response to the Old bastard: Americans should have it their own way as Native Americans, and the original immigrants who came here did it to have a better life and to improve this country NOT to steal from it, degrade it, and corrupt it like their own backwards countries do to their own people. American products used to be the best, now they are Chinese junk. Bush & America won’t even buy American-Their are farmers here who raise lamb and beef organic w/ no hormones and instead our country now buys it from CHINA or australia!!!!! Gloves for medical use are even made in China where I work & if they were made w/ quality in America it would improve American jobs/factories and the products might actually work! Stop outsourcing & make American products with quality in America!!!!As a side note, Innova and Evo pet foods are made in America and undergo rigorous testing to ensure you pet’s safety. They are more expensive, but isn’t it worth it to save your pet’s life and boycott China!? BUY AMERICAN-DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE & KILL PETS & SMALL CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kapadokya says:

    Rather curious that so many of the products listed here are children’s toys painted with lead-based paint and clothes with buttons, and such, containing dangerous levels of lead in the mix; especially when the world has known for 30 or more years that lead, ingested by pregnant mothers, causes birth defects in unborn children and is a major impediment to their mental development during adolescence

  19. Mark P says:

    the Chinese will dumb down our kids with their products. When we go to war with them they will expect to be fighting a bunch of half wits

  20. Cynthia says:

    Have you all read about the dangers of pet toys made in China?

    We are trying to do something about it by offering safe dog toys made in the USA. We are committed to saving the lives of innocent dogs at the hands of imported products since our own darling pomeranian almost died from chicken jerky from China.

    Please check out our site for safe dog toys.

    Also, here is the link to an article on dangerous pet toys from China and the toxins found:


  21. Geoff says:

    Ive ALWAYS maintained tat where ever possible NOT to buy chinese goods,Especially food at the supermarkets in australia.Hardware stores are big culprits of HIGH profit LOW quality tols.I dare ANY of the hardware chains to comment on the Absolute crap the tools that come out from china are.I worked in a hardware store until recently and know for a fact the HIGH number of returns.Electrical tools,hand tools,low grade metal.Tyres that literally EXPLODED in 1999 made in china when the tyres had not even done 1km,just sitting there.ALL made to get high profits without safety being considered…I boycott any chinese product now where ever I can….GO LOCAL

  22. Andy says:

    Any company that willfully produces a product that can or will harm a child or other is morally corupt. That company should be prosocuted to the full extent of the law on a world stage.Unfortunatly when dealing with china companies it seams that they most often close their doors and go out of business. Only to reappear months later under a different name. Case in point Chineese dry wall. How many people have lost their homes because of this product.

  23. I think that Made-In-Chinas have improved their quality,now you can buy good stuffs from China which were only available in developed country.

  24. Thanks for the list of products, I am always on the look out for things made in China.



  25. this Post Is really interesting :)


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