167 Responses to “101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World”

  1. Robin says:

    If rose petal geam is sooo tasty and flavored, I bet the ice cream is even better

  2. tim says:

    All this seafood flavor, but no Fish Head ice cream? Come ON ppl! Sing it with me: “Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads; Fish heads, fish heads, eat ‘em up, Yum!” :/

  3. sandoz says:


  4. medyum says:

    Well how about a flavour from the land of most ice-cream eating per capita in the world. Finland. The flavour in question is, what else than the loved…. Salmiakki!

    Salmiakki is like a salty licquirce. Quite strong tasting and really, an acquired taste. Most foreigns hate it. We love it to bits.

  5. robb says:

    octopus and ox tongue might just be the most disgusting.
    gotta love japan.

  6. bright led says:

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  7. an acquired taste. Most foreigns hate it. We love it to bits.

  8. weird?! says:

    Durian ice cream weird? I thought it’s normal! It’s often eaten here in Singapore alongside with corn, almond, Palm seed (atachi) and a whole lot of others like sesame. It can be found easily, even in thailand. lols

  9. This is exactly the reason I call Japan “Ice cream hell.” I live in Japan and you have to ask all kinds of questions before you eat anything here. And watch out for beans they turn up everywhere.

  10. medyum says:

    This is crazy. Totally disgusting. Terrible. I hate this. Awful. YUCK. EEWWW.

  11. medyum says:

    Are you usually this xenophobic, or do you save it for special occasions? While I’m not into the meat flavors, the rest were almost universally fine, “Sure if that’s what does it for you” flavors. A lot of them sound tasty.

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  17. anne says:

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  18. Squid innards are often used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine, which I suppose makes it inevitable that it would find its way into ice cream. We should be fortunate Squid Gut Ice Cream is not the full squid.

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  23. WOODman says:

    They should call the Viagra flavored ice cream “Frozen Stiffy”

  24. mikimaws says:

    omzee. This ice creams are for risk-takers. :] woosh!

  25. caitlyn vannell says:

    some of those would be good for truth or dare can you get them in america

  26. I didn’t know there were so many gross ones out there.

  27. proving to me once again that Japan has no taste in sweets/junk food.

  28. oscar gonzalez says:

    viagra ice cream not bad….sweet patatoe nice a lot nice flavors

  29. hoca says:

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  30. I would like to try the sweet potato :)

  31. most of them are admitedly quite odd but the sweet potato ice cream is not too far fetched considering that from were i am from sweet potato is seen as a winter dessert being roasted in the oven and then eaten with a sprinkling of cinamon and sugar and is delicious . so maybe id give it a try . not the cuutlefish ice cream or any other abomination like that !

  32. The cherry blossom one sounds good. XD. But the garlic crap is just wierd. But this was pretty funny, except the Nogger Black Ice Cream.

  33. ohjesus says:

    My god this list just goes on and on, how could this of happen?

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  38. Manntis says:

    You say wasabi is “a horse radish paste known in Japan as Wasabi”. Actually, in low class North American sushi restaurants and grocery store sushi, horse radish paste is called Wasabi.

    In up-market sushi joints and in Japan, Wasabi is made from shredded wasabi (which is NOT horse radish), and is totally different.

  39. That is really rich of information. I didn’t know there are so many kinds of ice cream. I only tasted a few of them.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I think that the sweet potato ice cream would taste good.
    It’s not THAT disgusting…

  41. Sesliturkey says:

    not the cuutlefish ice cream or any other abomination like that !

  42. Dragon says:

    With all the garlic ice creams Durian would fit right in and, though iffy for some, is quite popular. Missing from your list is sea urchin ice cream, jackfruit ice cream, dragonfruit ice cream, galangal ice cream, turmeric icecream, as well as ginger and many other spices and many with insects for added crunchyness. I suspect that your list barely scratches the surface, and many of them quite good.

    Black rice makes a purple-black brew with considerable body and would work well alone or with other flavors.