88 Responses to “14 Reasons Why Rachael Ray Sucks (or Rachel Ray for you morons out there)”

  1. k tron says:

    my only negative points are:
    1- she uses so much prep cups,bowls,pans,knives……….
    it takes somebody 30 minutes to clean it all up
    2- very very very bad tipper.

  2. mistylanesux says:

    mememememememememme pay attention to ME not her

  3. Chris King says:

    To the creator of this website. Who are you to call the kettle black, are you so disatisfied with your own pathetic life, that you have to resort to taking shots at someone who has worked hard to get where she is. Oh I know what this is, its to take the attention off of yourself so knowone will notice how discusting and ilrelivant you really are. Oh yes, pardon my misspelling, because as you told people that Racheal sucks, then you probably think I suck. But you know what? I don’t care. Because I think you SUCK!!!

  4. mistylanesux says:

    mememememememememe pay attention to ME mistylanesux not her.

    Husband Justinian, “a fellow Ray-hater, thinks his wife ought to capitalize on the community’s success, possibly by selling banner ads on other Web sites.”

    mememememememememe i deserve all the money, not her

  5. barber says:

    yup all u m-fers are just jealous of rachael! especially the fat ugly bitch who started this site! look in the mirror you fat ugly gross bitch!!

  6. Jenna says:


  7. ashton h. says:

    to the creator of rachael ray sux, u stupid, fatass, bitch, GET A LIFE. ur jus jealous that she is loveable and can be loved by people. your jus jealous that you cant get any attention from people, because you are invisible to everybody. jus go crawl in a hole and die, i think you would be good at it. every time u post something new about her, ur just making yourself look more stupider than u already are. ur a big bitch ur fucking stupid and need to shut the hell up bc RACHAEL RAY IS KICK ASS!!!

  8. Martha says:

    Rachael Ray doesn’t have to please any of u LOSERS!!!
    And the best part is she doesn’t care! So ur the ones who look stupid! And to the creator of Rachael Ray sux i really want to know what it’s like not having a life? You and your fanz are a JOKE!!!

  9. nicole rigney. says:

    Do you even really know her?
    who are you to judge her?
    yes you do have a right to voise your own opinoun,but I think you should not judge someone on the way they laugh or the way they move their arms!
    what if someone started a website about the way you move you arms or the way you laugh?
    come on people im only 12 years old, and you people are like 50 and yall are judging this woman on the way she laughs and smiles!
    what if your own children jugde a kid on the way they dress or simles, or what if your kid was the one getting picked on?
    you know some people dont have alot of money or time to through a fancie meal together.
    but at least people with class dont vosie their opinoun on a website.

  10. Camille says:

    I happened to catch Rachel Ray’s E True Hollywood Story on TV today. I’m neither a fan nor a hater, and I’ve never seen any of her show prior to the clips I saw on E.

    However, I still managed to be amazed by the woman who created the “Rachel Ray Sucks” website. The level of immaturity astounds me! It made me sick that she was so proud of “making fun of everything about her!”

    This “list” of things wrong with Ms. Ray is pretty pathetic in its own right. To me, it sounds like it’s coming from people who are a bit more than jealous of her success and feel the need to comfort themselves by throwing around petty insults.

    It’s time to grow up: maturity is a beautiful thing.


  11. Ivy says:

    I think it’s so funny — all of the people that are so steadfastly defending Rachael Ray. You are wasting your time because she would never give you the time of day. She is cold and self-centered and does not care about any of you. Wake up!

  12. Ivy says:

    And jealousy has nothing to do with it. It’s all about her being annoying, fat, ugly and cannot cook anything more than trailer park food. If jealousy was the problem, then I guess that we would hate everyone who is successful, but that is not the case — at least not for me! She is the only one that I hate. She is a loudmouthed, heavy-drinking whore who is far too overexposed, especially being so lacking of any real talent.

  13. SomeOne says:

    Wow most of the people her that are righting shit are a bunch of fucking haters that needs to Grow the fuck up…
    and if you can stand her so much then dont watch her show, simple as that. And since when does someone need a deploma in cooking to know how to cook?
    This is bullshit. Grow Up

  14. MISTY LANE SUX says:

    RR is a successful young woman whose show won an emmy and cyberbully Misty Lane and her loser husband Justinian are merely opportunists who think they can make a little easy money from all the ads on Misty’s numerous livejournal accounts.

  15. cook4you says:

    The people who post rude and insulting things on this website and the Rachel Ray Sucks community obviously have a sad life and really have some personal issues. I have seen her biogaraphy on T.V. and on it they played a clip about the lady who created the Rachel Ray Sucks community website. Okay, this lady has no room to talk!! The creator of this website is fat and ugly, and it’s obvious to me that she is a jealous, miserable person with no personality. Also, she will ban you from the website unless you are Anti-Rachel Ray. How lame is that? Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but it sounds like she can’t handle a good debate, or anyone that actually will defend Rachel Ray. At least the moderator could get some balls and let people respond to these idiotic people who have nothing better to do than to bash her. Rachel Ray is who she is, and that’s what makes her unique. The whole purpose of her show was to create meals in a shorter amount of time that families could make and enjoy at home. Rachel has admitted that she’s not a gourmet chef or a professional culinary artist. That’s not what Food Network was looking for in the first place. Obviously she did do something right, and for the most part the majority of people watching her do enjoy her shows. If you don’t like her, then don’t watch her! Go watch Emeril or Bobby Flay if that’s what you’re into. Rachel Ray is the girl next door who put a new twist into cooking shows, and she happens to be successful at it. If you are jealous, then get off your lazy butt and make something happen in your life, because that’s exactly what Rachel did! And for those of you on the Rachel Ray Sucks Community who keep bashing her looks and appearance: Time to grow up! I have seen some of your pictures and profiles, and the majority of you look like hideous geeks.

  16. katie says:


  17. Misty Lane sux says:

    i was amazed to see that misty lane was nervy enough to be making money by placing a bunch of rr ads on the rrsux site. google must have finally figured it out and removed the ads. misty should not make money from ads on a site that advocates against a celebrity.

  18. whatever says:

    Shes a dumb fat ass!!!!!!!!

  19. person says:

    your a fucking dumbass, it sounds like you jelous and that you pointing out her body more then her talent, whitch she has and you dont, pointing out the flaus in her body(not HER fualt) makes you feel better that shes rich and you not. i want to no if you tried the 40$ meals or 30 minute foods. you didnt did you. haters are just sad jelous people. whitch you are.

  20. derek campbell says:

    I like rachael ray…the only problem i have is that i never ever ever see her wash her hands,she is always wiping them on something but never washing, not to mention the fact that when she drops something instead of throwing it away she picks it up and throws it back into the bowl…yuk,how disgusting is that???

  21. dasani grrrl says:

    i soooooooo agree with mr. campbell…

  22. theatre kid says:

    what’s so bad about putting olive oil and chicken stock in everything? they go in everything! most of her recipes use a lot of ingredients, but some of them are pretty good. and, i hate to break it to you, but most recipes are just a bunch of ingredients thrown in a bowl. i will say that her products are way overprices. the garbage bowl is like 20 dollars for a plastic bowl. it’s not worth it.

  23. michelle says:

    ok you actually have nothing better to do with your time
    then to sit in front of your computer and make this stupid and childish website!!grow up..and get a real life!!rachel ray is my favorite!!

  24. Billie says:

    I just watched true hollywood story featuring Rachel. It mentioned this web site and i had to check it out. I am shocked of all the hate all you people have, and feel that you need to focus on something positive. One guy said she should be slapped.. Hello!!! i bet your an abusier in your relations. Get your butt of the chair and take a walk to all you haters. All you haters suck….

  25. B in AK says:

    Don’t any of you have real mothers?! Because if you did they would have tought you “IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE, THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!” And if any of you are parents… They should take your children from you, because who knows what other misguided information you are stuffing their minds with. You are what is wrong with the world today.
    I can almost guarantee that everyone of you posting this stuff are so unhappy with yourself that you are projecting onto someone that you actually envy!
    I hope that the next time you decide to bash someone, you step back and take a good look in the mirror BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PREFECT!!!!! (If you were you would be above bashing.)

  26. rachael ray is fat says:

    Short,fat,annoying raspy ass voice. A few months back I was flipping the channels and saw her show. Looks like she packed on about 40 more pounds. lol. I find it sad that she and other women in the world think they can mask their fat ass. Super tight jeans, baggy top trying to cover ass. watch her show for ten minutes, you`ll wanna choke the bitch out.

  27. lol says:

    those who bash her are just JEALOUS!

  28. -xoxo-muah-doll says:

    Okay. I’m reading some of these comments and thinking…what the hell? If you don’t like her don’t watch her show! Noone is forcing you to watch the show. So stop talking crap about her. You don’t know her and your already judging her? Fuck off. And lastly, don’t be jealous just because she is way more successful than some of you low-lives who say they hate her but yet they’re here reading about her?

    Get a life…

  29. cole says:

    everyone who is commenting bad things about rachael ya’ll are just full of negative energy thoughts and spirits and are people that are basically the sh** on the bottom of my shoes!!i think everyone who just sits here and comments on how much they hate her are just jealous of her success!!ya’ll are nothin but a bunch of haters, and someday i hope you can find something better to do with your life!!!

    -GO RACHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. rachael_fan says:

    look I guess what it really comes down to is what the hell have you done? I see a lot of these anonymous webmasters out there hating her from behind their computer screens without a damn achievement to their names besides picking on random celebrities to hopefully distract people from their own inadequacies and failed life. I can see why she might come across as annoying, but for Christ’s sake she worked her way up from nothing to become a superstar. no, she isn’t a chef. all she means by that is she hasn’t had any formal training. but guess what? a lot of people who own restaurants haven’t. cooking is often an art that is passed on through generations or just comes from experimentation to find out what works. all these people literally hate her for being herself. this might be loud and silly, but honestly, what has she actually done to earn this kind of hatred?

  31. bertoya says:

    ppl need to get a life and stop making reasons to make them feel better!

    rachael ray is freaking awesome. she can careless what you or the next person has to say bad about her!

    no matter how many –i hate racheal ray– websites you make, she doesnt loose sleep over it and the rachael ray haters look stupid cause they hate her but cant seem to do anything else but talk about her!

    losers get a life cause she is still going to have her shows and she is still going to get paid more then all of you dumba$$ haters


  32. ScrewRR says:

    RR is a stupid, annoying cunt…who can’t cook very well! She obviously slept her way onto television.

  33. ray raye says:

    The writer misses the whole point: the lovely lass “giggles” all the way to the proverbial bank, thank you!

  34. dumb says:

    Some one is obviously jealously obsessed with Rachael Ray. There are many things I dont like but I have never went to the length to create a web page. Scary.

  35. RR_is_a_fatty says:

    Oh my,where to start. She has got to be the most over rated,annoying,fake,giggly, stupid fat a$$ EVER!!! Why the hell she wears tight jeans is beyond any reasonable common sense.She has to know she has a BIG a$$. It’s absolutely sickening! Have you seen the pic of her water skiing? I just about puked. Big saddle bags and fat dimples everywhere.I think a retarded monkey on crack has more talent than her.She ruins food network everyday. By the way,all of you saying we are jealous,you are wrong.We just know an untalented,overpaid idiot when we see one.

  36. Susen Hille says:

    My nick-name for Rachael Ray is CHOMMPERS. I turn on the T.V. and jumped back from the enormous set of teeth that flash before me. Squinting my eyes past her blinding whites I saw a woman cantering down a aile, “Oh my god!, They have released the trolles onto national telivision.” That moment is forever ingrained in my mind.
    RR does not cook she entertains, she make people feel better about them self through how fast and slap happy she is. If her people told her too cook up
    Wacky weed pot pie she do it and tell every one it’s pot week and that it’s good for the digestive system yada yada yada.
    I am a very good cook, because their is never any left overs as my husband makes sure of that. I am proud of my (COOKING SKILLS) because their my own trial and error, No Food Network watching here, just a old beat up cook book.

  37. Wow says:

    Wow someone needs to learn some being polite and courteous lessons! You think shes fat? Look in the mirror? You think shes lying about her 30 minute cooking recipes? Improve your cooking skill. And whatever happened to that rule what is it? Oh yeah IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! I learnt that in kindergarten you obviously did not!