14 Responses to “9 Reasons Why George Lucas Sucks”

  1. diggsucksballs says:

    I love it, but yeah, George dropped the ball when someone introduced him to the computer and he was allowed to make anything happen :(

  2. david says:

    I voted “arrogant.” Even if he sucked at writing/directing, at least if he were humble enough to get someone else to do it (like Empire) the films would turn out well.

  3. pete says:

    I agree with david – I voted for “arrogant” because a bigger/less stupid man would just acknowledge that he’s more the idea man than the craftsman and get someone with some actual talent to write and direct the films (versus basically ruining the foundation of my childhood by churning out crab). So yeah, it’s the writing and directing but the arrogance has gotta come first.

  4. Jaden says:

    awww but i liked the prequels alot mbetter than the originals because the prequels had better plots, characters and presentation. eh give it a rest, if you dont like his films then please dont watch them.

  5. bob says:

    Jaden, you’re a knucklehead just like Lucas. The prequels were garbage. Actually, if they were done a little better, they would be garbage. Lucas will remain forever a loser to me until he comes to his senses and releases the original theatrical versions of episodes IV-VI. Everything in this list is true, and then some. The replacement of Anakin in Return of the Jedi as outlined in #3 above is simply blasphemous.

  6. CJDavidson says:

    I enjoyed all three of the original Star Wars films when first screened. (Decades later, the prequels were fun, if not actually targeted at my generation.)

    I do not enjoy revisionism. It’s bad enough when Ted Turner attempts to colorize the black and white classics, but I can not help picturing George Lucas fantasizing about ‘fixing’ the Mona Lisa’s crooked smile…

    Mr. Lucas, tear down that wall between original Star Wars and it’s fans!

  7. bob says:

    your all just angry because he is rich and awesome and was very successful and you werent. give the guy a break he’s a freakin amazing director and screen writer or what ever

  8. Film God says:

    Bob and Jaden are complete idiots, anyone who considers Lucas a ‘great director’ and ‘screen writer or whatever’ is a f#@[email protected] certifiable twit and should die in a fire,

    Thank you

  9. Shiggy says:

    The fact that he changed Anakin’s spirit to Hayden is proof that Lucas is a f**king dumbsh*t.

  10. Just read 9 reasons, very interesting points, i think you are right.

  11. you conclusion is precise and certainly right!

  12. Movies that Don't Suck says:

    Empire… best of the BEST! Do you understand me? THE FUCKING BEST! Fuck those prequels and fuck Return of the Jedi! Irvin’s take on Star Wars can never be matched. Not even Lucas can hold a candle to that sci fi epic.


  13. A lot of the fan reaction to Lucas and his newer work is the subject of a new documentary. It’s called The People vs. George Lucas. I found a trailer for it on youtube (found it without even knowing it existed, actually); I’m curious to see how much of this stuff makes it into the doc.

    Also, another guy made a 1-hour long, 6-part youtube video review of The Phantom Menace, and basically picks it apart into a million pieces. Both thought provoking and relentlessly funny.

  14. Completely agree with your comments on this – thanks for taking the time to post.