72 Responses to “Dining With Hitler In Asia: Hitler-themed Bars & Restaurants”

  1. xmbster says:

    deutsche – als reply auf 3D’s msg

    ihr solltet den wiederstaenigen einen namen geben, wie bulgarien’s voivoda der bulgarien aus den figgten der tuerken befreit hat

    cheers / mb

  2. Chris R. says:

    I think it’s a great idear!

    It’s all history now and everyone should get along with it.

    @Sally Smith:
    “it would qive me qreat pleasure to throw them in Aushwitz.”

    wtf is wrong with you?! That’s totally childish and looks like you are a friend of fascism! If you were an adult, you don’t say stupid things like that.

    By the way, it’s still spelled “Auschwitz”

  3. Japan…not so fast…Japan…knows Hitler…they had a strong alliance with Hitler…

    If Asians don’t know about the Shoah…that is their problem…

    Could you imagine…if someone opened up a Buddha Bar…poking fun of Buddha…?

    Asians who are enthused with Hitler…are simply foolish…because Hitler hated all non-white people…

    Last I checked Asians are not white…

  4. COF271189 says:

    Hitler to them is just like Genghis Khan to most Americans – a figure from the past whose legend lives on long after his demise. That said, they really ought to take a closer look at history and what this guy did.

  5. sk8er n1nj4 says:

    Stalin was much fuckin’ worse. Drop it, most of you people don’t even know how Hitler even came to power, let alone when or other such easily learnt facts.

    Grow up with your leg jerk political correctness.

  6. medyum says:

    I think that the idea of a Hitler themed bar, or restaurant is so freaking stupid. The people who came up with this idea obviously feel no compassion for all of the people who were killed because of Hitler and his fascist regime. The creators of this long spread of this ignorance across Asia are soulless bastards.

  7. Scenix says:

    Building a business where the image of a man who killed countless innocent lives is used for a mascot is simply retarded. Sure, it may be a good publicity stunt. Eating at a Nazi themed restaurant is certainly taboo and would bring in quite a few people for the sole fact that they want to try it out.
    but the fact remains the same. He killed innocent people and the seriousness of it shouldn’t be cheapened by a cutely designed store.
    What’s next? A gift shop themed around Osama? For some reason I think people would be angry about it. Which is funny because he hasn’t been even nearly as effective at killing civilians as Hitler was.

    What ever happened to CEO’s who had a bit of class?

  8. :D says:

    I used to look down on the wapanese, who believed in the superiority of Asian culture. Thinking of it as their true home, despite the fact that they would be regarded there as they are here: greasy nerds.

    After reading this article, I agree with them.

  9. karmic justice says:

    we western people wear and love the imperial japan simbols like the imperial japanese flag without knowing the atrocities that were done under that symbol.


    ask a chinese grandfather what he or she thinks about it.

  10. Think says:

    When will we have a Osama Bin laden Bar ? . How about a not using his name and just using outright ” the Genocide Bar” . Voluntary ignorance !

  11. Gem Spa says:

    Right here in NYC is a trendy co-op named “Red Square” with a statue of Lenin on the roof. He and his friends burned and looted more churches than Hitler did synagogues.
    We also have “the Red Bar”,very popular and abounding in Stalinist ( Stalin? Who was he? ) iconography. Not to mention the thousands of hipsters walking around with Mao ( killer of millions ) badges on.
    This has gotten so silly that if you try to have a serious historical conversation in public and mention the name “Hitler” you can hear a pin drop.
    When the left finally admite to their own crimes I’ll take their whining about silly bars with WW2 German themes seriously. Grow up.

  12. Paulo says:

    Damned! Unfortunately the Jews running the World media and financial institutions usually get their evil way. :-( God help us all.

  13. gotten so silly that if you try to have a serious historical conversation in public and mention the n

  14. lolcatwut says:

    Caesar killed way more people than Hitler…

  15. wrqrqawr says:

    suck that jews

  16. Lone Justice says:

    Hitler’s regime did the 3rd biggest genocide in the 20th century. Only Mao Ze-dong and Stalin were more “productive”. (In the last years there were some products, services, which were marketed with their names.) And what about Napoleon, Churchill, the Roman ceasars? And the Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Portugese conquerors of the American continent? They completely demolished whole nations, cultures! Hitler was really-really evil, but far not the only one in history…

  17. james lee says:

    I think this is so funny. Not sure what to think.
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  18. Stumble'd says:

    I know nobody will read this, but the first one is grammatically incorrect. It should say “Hitler’s Cross” but it says “Hitlers’ Cross.” Unless it is referring to his family (in which case the plural would be called for), it is incorrect.

    Its kind of funny being a Grammar Nazi here. That just makes me laugh.

  19. Valerie says:

    As much as I loathe Hitler, you have to understand from an Asian view he’s not at patch on the crazy murderousness of Mao – who killed like 8 times as many people total and who’s political system continues to kill people after he’s already gone. Sure they know Hitler was awful and killed tons of people – nobody is saying that was a good thing – but he misused our Swastika and whatnot (don’t really want to get into the details but a Bing or Goggle of “nazism” and “tibet” will get you a few hits to explain this). Now granted I hate the guy but if you compare him to say Pol Pot or some other crazy Asian dictator that many of these cultures have had to deal with, sure he’s bad – but only slightly worst in comparison.

    Plus how many times have westerners co-oped Asian symbols (especially Hippies, New Agers and 60′s Era Musicians) and just take our stuff and mix it together out of context for what it’s about and with other practises not contextually related. Frankly I don’t see how this is any different as much as I’d never go there because Hitler disgusts me.

  20. vivi says:

    If made really bad or/and really evil things,ppl won’t see or forgive other bad things,can see really good for just good stuff.
    made Hitler was really evil so ppl don’t see or forget other ppl did bad.

    There are bad ppl coz we can see hero r cool on movie or wherever.

  21. uoi says:

    Original the symbol was Buddhist symbol.
    you can see the symbols on Buddhist country of map.
    when you look for temple
    idk why Nazi used the symbol…