87 Responses to “Dr. Seuss Sucks: 7 Racist Cartoons From the Doctor”

  1. Josh says:

    Listen! You ignorant people, if he was trying to be racially incorrect and mean he would’ve come straight out and yelled profanities at them. These were difficult times and people needed a nicer way of getting the news on what really was happening. Seuss provided a favor for the american public, not a racial indignity.

  2. al says:

    josh – what? they needed a nicer way of getting the news? how are racist caricatures (and again, have you ever -seen- hirohito? i bet a person who saw only this cartoon could not pick him out of a line up, because the cartoon looks nothing like him. while hitler looks like hitler for sure). how is that a nice way to get news? japanese-americans were -NOT- spying on the US, or at least no one ever found any evidence that they were. and it’s been almost 70 years. so that cartoon isn’t news. it’s unfounded, racist lies. you do know that japanese americans in the US were interned for simply being of japanese descent. seuss justified that treatment (which is otherwise unjustifiable) with this shit. that is not ok. we live in difficult times now, but aren’t we allowed to call out racism when we see it now?

    oh wait, we aren’t.

  3. It doesn’t matter whether they were actually spying or not. What matters is that they could’ve been. What matters is that there was no way to tell to which side they would be loyal.

    In a war, you don’t take chances. In a war, “civil rights” take a backseat to national security.

    I don’t buy into the myth of WWII as a “good war” or even a necessary one, but judging the security precautions taken by the U.S. government of that time by the multicult PC morality of our day is ridiculous. Do you think whites in Asia were treated any better by the Japanese? Read J. G. Ballard’s autobiographical Empire of the Sun for a firsthand account of how a British boy was put in an internment camp by the Japanese, and the types of horrific sights he saw during those years.

    I’m not saying it’s right, but hey, in wartime sh*t happens. Grow up and accept it.

    If WWIII ever breaks out, believe me, they’ll set up internment camps just like they did in WWII (and I’ll probably be in one).

  4. al says:

    we can accept that it happened -and- accept that it’s racist. do you think it’s ok to intern muslim people now?

    how did they know if german people would have loyalties in the US or germany?

  5. coool says:

    7 Racist Cartoons From the Doctor.

  6. Dr. Seuss has really very strong racial intention toward Japanese, anyway the cartoons are quite creative.

  7. Anyway these are very cute cartoons, although there are something regarding racism, they are very impressive.

  8. learn to speak english says:

    you gotta say these are funny cartoons,but i totally agree with learn speak Chinese. it was a little bit of racism if not a lot.it was his job back then anyway.

  9. Reed W. says:

    OK, at first I thought “Well, the reason the pictures all look the same is because they’re all of the same person, ?? ?? (Tojo Hideki, or Hideki Tojo in English, the Japanese prime minister at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor).” The caricature is kind of racist, but it’s a caricature, and let’s face it, Tojo was one ugly-looking dude IRL. Even though I’m Asian and a bit hypersensitive at times, it didn’t really bother me; war and all that.

    Then I got to picture #6.


    Oh Wow.

    Holy sh**.

    That’s possibly the most racist cartoon I’ve ever seen.

    Lampooning, even demonizing, the leader of an enemy nation during wartime is one thing. Accusing an entire ethnic group of fellow Americans of treason… Sure, I know there were others who said the same thing at the time, and worse, but that doesn’t make it forgivable.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to read One Fish, Two Fish to my kids again without some serious misgivings.

    I think I lost another little bit of my childhood from reading that.

  10. Failbot says:

    haha you guys fail the one with the plastic surgery is number 5, not number 6

  11. D says:

    You people are stupid, do you remember those Japanese and nazis were our enemies? You people are soft skinned pantie wastes.

  12. Tim says:

    How is #5 [(April 23, 1942) Whites who support the Japanese ask for “slant-eye” plastic surgery] NOT racist?

    As a Vietnamese-American, I find this a prime example of stereotyping and racism.

  13. bath screens says:

    Certainly got us thinking here are work, expect a few replies later.

  14. David W. says:

    it seems al won’t be happy till he shoves what he thinks down your throat. hHe is just like the racists he cries about, yes he is racist against your thinking. This same guy would run a cartoon of ex-pres Bush as a monkey and think nothing of it. He is too busy just like Obama and the rest of the ultra liberal left apologising for America who really deep inside hate the USA.. too bad he cannot extrapolate or keep things in context, it was a different time.. you should see the Chinese cartoons of USA, something tells me al would say we deserved it.

  15. David W. says:

    hey al… germans were looked down upon here in America My whole family is german. My grandfather told of how he couldn’t get a job because he was german do some homework for once instead of eating off the liberal tree. the fact is they didn’t know asi just showed. al is talking out his ass cause he hates America.

  16. David W. says:

    Frank makes a great point, there are groups who are perpetually offended no matter what….take the American Indians and their disdain for Christopher Columbus…. saying they brought disease and such… are they implying that no one would have come to this country from Europe.. ever? in 200 years no one would ever come here or explore? that’s totally ridiculous. Is every county or land owner to give it back to the original owners? how would this all work? it makes no logical sense. Hindsight is truly 20/20.

  17. Tim says:

    I don’t have slanted eyes, but Seuss implied that it’s a bad thing. The fact that he didn’t talk bad about Germans’ “big” eyes or nose shows that he has a biased and racist slant, no pun intended.

  18. David W. says:

    Poor tim, awww still angry huh? as I stated before it seems some people can’t function unless they are involved in some controversy. I am confidant if it wern’t this… it would be something else. I bet if we looked back in your history we would find some chilling things to get very very angry about. And i guarentee you won’t want to be judged on it, and I bet you would make some excuse or blame someone or something. get a life it’s over it’s the past.

  19. David W. says:

    Indeed britannicaontheholocaust makes a great point. America or Dr. Seus did not torture enemy combatants. But we know all too well that Japan did. It was WAR….

    These queery ultra liberal pretentious elitist creeps will have us believe that they are the most loving people that ever existed, yet read their hatred for others who disagree with them, people they look down upon as lowly peasants who are not worthy to walk the same ground as they.

  20. David W. says:

    I love the fact that it’s only a minority that feels that Dr. Seus is some horrible racist… in fact “The Lorax” gets more votes for being offensive.. and the Lorax was a tree-hugger!

  21. Tim says:

    david, how about I say your mom’s an ugly, dumb slut who gave birth to an idiot and then say, “Poor david, awww still angry huh? as I stated before it seems some people can’t function unless they are involved in some controversy. I am confidant if it wern’t this… it would be something else. I bet if we looked back in your history we would find some chilling things to get very very angry about. And i guarentee you won’t want to be judged on it, and I bet you would make some excuse or blame someone or something. get a life it’s over it’s the past.”

    Also if I use your excuses for racism, I can also say the white colonists and slave-owners are big nosed albino monkeys. :D

  22. David W. says:

    Tim.. typical… call me names… don’t stick to the subject… liberals make me laugh, and thank you for proving my point.. boy are you angry. you complain so much you have run out of ways to do it, so you just paste my own words after you use vulgar words..(which is odd cause you’re also saying using hurtfull words is wrong) but that won’t stop a flaming angry liberal, because you have so-called “good intentions” and as we all know with liberals… the ends justifies the means.

  23. David W. says:

    ahem.. guess what I found, a cartoon from Dr. Sues about Germans…. looks like you people were so very wrong. I await the excuses to why and how from Tim and other hate loving liberals trying to save face. Also… everyone here seems to “generalize” Implying that each and every Japanese in America was loyal…. I say and by Tims own words that of “the ends justifies the means” that it was nessasary, Tim couldn’t wait to use the very words (and had no problem using them)he says are very wrong. Obviously Tim thought they had some good use, just as Dr. Sues thought so too. And Tim smiles after using those words ….. wow

  24. ronnie branch says:

    man he is gay thats why he is dead

  25. Kathleen says:

    You just burnt my childhood to the ground.

  26. sonya says:

    April 9, 1942, the infamous “Death March” 6 days, 90 miles, began at the Mariveles terminating at Camp O’Donnell and later moved to Camp Cabanatuan. According to Japanese Plans these P.O.W’s were to be moved by foot, carrying their own rations to the border of Bataan and Pampango. The main stage of the Death March was set at Mariveles, at the southern tip of Bataan Peninsula. Troops started to march in a long column on a dusty road without food and water. For many of the Bloody, frail men, this was the last march. One man fell from exhaustion and was then flatten by a tank, as all the other troops witnessed this horrible action, other soldiers were hit by Japanese trucks passing by. The P.O.W’s were forced to stand next to a fresh stream but weren’t allowed to drink from it, even though they were exhausted and dehydrated , after a while one soldier could not take it any more, he ran to the stream and fell in, face first, to drink. Immediately one of the Japanese guards ran over, pulled his sword out and cut his head off. A great many men reached the end of their endurance. The dropouts became numerous. They fell on the roadside, some making no effort to rise. Groaning and weeping, some succeeded while others fell back helplessly. As the march continued, the diseased, starving men staggered up the dusty road, prodded by the Japanese guards to keep moving. As one soldier was dying, he cried for water. He died on the dusty road. The heat of the day was so intense that they were half crazy from thirst. They arrived at a small stream that was contaminated with filthy water, a bloated corpse filled with maggots, this filthy stream the P.O.W’s were allowed to drink from , as the Japanese guards laughed at them. Death March ended after 6 days, where the P.O.W’s boarded a train to the Death Camp.

  27. Paul says:

    Everytime I look at one of these sites where some intellectual has posted his version of history I realize how doomed we are as a country. I am sure according to you every man and woman who served during WWII was also a racist as they also used slang names and spewed hatred towards those we were at war with.

    Give me a break! Find something productive to do with your time instead of trying to drag down one of the greatest children’s book authors of all time.

  28. Rob Schmidt says:

    There sure are a lot of asinine comments here about Seuss caricaturing “only” our political enemies. Did any of you geniuses understand what cartoon #6 was about? Seuss portrayed ALL Japanese people, including American citizens loyal to the Constitution, as buck-toothed slant-eyes. That’s a textbook example of racism.

    Every American who wanted to imprison these loyal Japanese Americans, up to and including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, WAS a racist. They discriminated on the basis of race, which is the textbook definition of racism.

  29. Dvid W. says:

    poor rob… just like every other liberal here… if you want to apologise for your racist history fine.. but to say you know exactly what or why this was done by Dr. Sues shows your extreme bias. Just as our so-called president “Obummer” goes abroad to apologise for America at every speech, he does so under the guise he cares,,, no so.. this is all done to make it appear that he cares. the biggest racists in our countries history were all liberals…senator Byrd Dem, was an imperial wizard in the KKK…. remember Wallace and his stand against segregation?… DEM again…how about ex-pres Clinton noting that “obummer” would have been serving him a few years back…. these are the people who cry foul.. as they sock another home run to separatism and fascism. it’s too bad you don’t try and better yourself other than pointing out how superior you are others you want to tear down.
    All this to hide the fact, this is who they really are.
    So Ron… it’s clear to see how you even enjoy saying,”Seuss portrayed ALL Japanese people, including American citizens loyal to the Constitution, as buck-toothed slant-eyes”
    Look through these posts.. the only people who write or repeat any slander here are the ones who say they are against it. I find this the stranger than anything else discussed here

  30. no one says:

    you guys are stupid he was just paid to do this also if you say that #6 is the worst then well that’s wrong. Sure there were some japenese americans rooting for us to lose, but that doesn’t mean that they were going to do something. You should a little more reasearch before you make some uninformed comment also you really are discrimanating more than 35% of americans from different disents.

  31. shawna says:

    why has nobody made mention of the history of ‘white’ america? power differentials? racist immigration policies? these events all recorded. for reading. these cartoons were in context to the INTERMENT of AMERICANS. none of whom were SPIES. many of whom served our country, many of whom were HONORABLY discharged–while their families remained behind BARS. the american government needed a supposedly liberal anti-racist public figure to support their unethical and radical stance–then it would have to be ‘okay.’ sheesh, talk about context. it. is. racist. and give me a break. you mean to say that THAT caricature LOOKS like the emperor of the time? no, it looks like a very general, purposefully more-ugly-than-usual (given the nature of caricatures), exaggerated racist depiction of an asian person…with one cartoon likening an asian face to a sneer (hence, making fun of and generalizing asian features). talk about the psychology of prejudice. and take your crap about other white ‘minorities’ of the time as a parallel example of ‘mistreatment’ somewhere where dumb asses who have never picked up a history book will read it.

  32. David W. says:

    people who cry foul here are doing it all under the guise of caring.. not one of these so-called liberals cares at all…. it’s just something to hate America with. that’s all.
    “no one on” is spot on here…. he was paid, times were different…. this was all done to strengthen our resolve against japan in the war…sure it looks racist now.
    But people like shawna would have you believe that they are so righteous and good and clean..as I stated earlier if we saw into shawna’s past we would see such evil.. it would make us sick. and that goes for everyone.
    Look how we build up people just to tear them down… shawna should be ashamed to call someone who cannot defend themselves a racist… and she cannot know what goes on back then..she cannot know at all, the best she can do is make up something that fits for her idea of Dr. Suess.
    Too accuse someone and not have every bit of info needed to make a SOUND judgement is just hackneyed kneejerk reaction. Be disgusted at you rown ugliness, IN OTHER WORDS: REMOVE THE SHAFT FROM YOUR EYE, BEFORE YOU TRY AND REMOVE THE SPLINTER FROM MINE!

  33. David W. says:

    …he-he I guarantee if the world was perfect tomorrow and no one ever died and all was paradise and death and sorrow were gone… there would be people lined up around the block to write paragraph after paragraph about how terrible certain people appeared to be in the past….

  34. David W. says:

    I think everyone who is bashing Dr. Seuss should be held to every single misgiving and misdeed including everything they never told anyone or got caught doing.(don’t lie people we all have)… and you all will have it better than Dr. Seuss.. you will be able to respond and apologise and whatever (unlike our dear Doctor) and this brings up a great point, does this all mean that Dr. Seuss never made amends or repented? …..ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Does everyone remember the Dr. Seuss story of the “Star bellied Sneeches”? This story was against racism….do your homework people!!!!

  35. David W. says:

    lol in my rush to write before I forgot what I wanted to say.. I apparently said Wallace “and his stand against segregation”.. .that should have been “and his stand against desegregation”….I remember it well both Wallace and Senator Byrd were staunch racists and Democrats.. or liberals…the biased media won’t tell you this or mention it…but believe me if some Republican or conservative had that past..we would all know every detail.

  36. Patriot99203 says:

    Are you kidding me?????? Japs killing Chinks, Nazi’s killing jews, I suppose we should of just sat back and watched? Fuck you from anyone who cares about this country and the values it was built on.

  37. David W. says:

    Here’s another great point.. United states was allied with… get this, CHINA in WWII!!!
    you idiots!