165 Responses to “The Exciting World of South Korean Protests”

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  2. ice says:

    I’ve got a few Korean friends and have visited the country a few times, and they look at the “demonstrations” with links of londoncontempt: the “protesters” by experience are a mere bunch of rabble rousers who clog the streets, jamming traffic and annoying bystanders. Gandi’s or Martin Lutlinks of london saleher King Jr’s principle of peaceful protest is throw out the window at a car.

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  4. For a country of about 50 million people, there are a lot of protests, I think that spreading false rumors to discourage consumers from buying certain product is a crime. The US should not tolerate this nonsense.

  5. Hillary says:

    Hehe I like how they bite everything it’s hillarious
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  6. nathanial says:

    particularly uniquely interesting/crazy South Korean protest photos. These people are really angry people who realized peaceful, quiet protest doesnt amount to crap.
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  13. Force Factor says:

    As a person who lives in China I agree with Grace 1111′s comment:

    Yes, I think there’s a great deal of tension in the relationship right now. I think the Chinese very clearly wanted the North Koreans not to test missiles in July. They wanted the Koreans very clearly not to test nuclear weapons, and in both cases North Koreans ignored the warnings. So for the Chinese it’s not only a loss of face because they had been taking the lead in trying to bring North Korea back to the negotiation table, but I think there’s also a great deal of anger personally at Kim and the Korean military.

    The tension continues to build.