25 Responses to “12 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Sucks”

  1. Doodle Bean says:

    I like your list! There are only two additions I’d like to se:

    There is his torturing a woman in the hospital waiting for life-saving surgery.

    And then there is his real name, Willard Mitt Romney!

    Otherwise, speaking as someone who was one of his constituents for four long and lousy years — he sucks!

  2. Jango Kinshasa says:

    According to this website, does anything _not_ suck? I find your attacks on Romney and just about everything else to be spurious, specious and generally destructive rather than informative and upbuilding. Political dissent is the lifeblood of our nation, but this sort of sophomoric jingoism has no value. Your inclusion of the incident with his dog – which was _not_ torture, if you read the full account, and using his faith as a negative point – shows you to be narrow-minded in the extreme. Mormonism does not have a generally negative image, except among the terminally ignorant and deliberately uninformed.

  3. Seamus' Ghost says:

    This sounds like something written by an 8 year old. Why not talk about the issues instead of hating on his religion and spreading false rumors.

  4. Chris says:

    You’re forgetting his attempt to veto the Massachusetts bill to increase minimum wage for the state a year ago. I think it was passed unanimously.

  5. Bryan says:

    I got a good laugh from #3′s comment. You read a webpage called who-sucks.com and complain that the author is writing about things that suck? Durrr…

    As for #4, if you don’t consider torture, freedom of speech, abortion, gun control, personal honesty and stem-cell research to be actual issues, I’m not sure what you would consider to be actual issues. Also, the author did not bash Mormonism, and I do wish you would have been so kind as to point out the items on the list that are ‘false rumors’.

  6. Nick says:

    Let’s be forthright with our reasons why he sucks here.

    As to the draft and serving a mission. All missionaries from the LDS Church were given draft deferrals, and the misison usually lasts only 24 months (although Romney extended to 30 months). The Vietnam war was considerably longer than that, in fact continued for several years after Romney’s mission ended.

    That said, he does suck, but don’t just take these reasons at face value, explore them and decide for yourself.

  7. Dozirulf says:

    Romney completely sucks. This list (while good) didn’t even include the time he praised Hitler’s energy innovation, tossed his own wife under the bus when it was discovered that she donated to an abortion clinic, or the best one of all if you ask me…

    His favorite book being Battlefield Earth.

    Lately he’s trying to gain ground by trouncing on every word that comes out of Obama’s mouth. Just go away already, Romney.

  8. WTF says:

    Come one, is that the best you can come up with ?

  9. Joe Scmoe says:

    You people have enough ignorance, hatred, and despair to be the donkey that your party wants you to be. Why don’t
    you blow out your brains you sorry Keith Oberman worshiping losers, shit I’ll give you my own 12 gauge just so you will quit whining you sorry bitches. You are not worth the sperm of your fathers cock…

  10. George Clooney says:

    Democrats are like SUV’s they consume alot of energy to do nothing. Wow Nancy, you guys sure did alot in and since those “96 Hours”

  11. Barbara Streisand says:

    Can’t we all just get along and eat smores, I love you guys

  12. IHeartRomney says:

    I love Romney because:

    a) He is good to look at
    b) He is one hell of a business-man
    c) He stands firm on what he believes in

  13. irrelevantromney says:

    Who cares about Romney, the truth is out there on him and he doesn’t stand a chance.

  14. MoniQue says:


    he SWALLOWS!

  15. come see why I know this man is a gumby,,
    and yes ty 4 this post- I reposted this link onto my anti mitt site.

  16. truth sayer says:

    another rich war monger out of touch with us working class people

  17. LJ says:

    I saw number 13′s response…
    I almost died from embarrassment.

    Whoever that was must have been JOKING or something, but I am now officially ashamed to be a human being.

    I’ve been saying Mitt Romney sucks since as long as I’d heard of him. He’s a Flip-Flopping asshole trying to suck the proverbial dick of America. It can’t be done and anyone who likes him is just waiting for a dictator to take over America.

    Wake up brainwashed idiots!!!

  18. yes.. I also had wanted to respond to the poster, ‘iheartromney’

    a. but his hair gel is more than mine…
    b. you have it a bit mixed… his business sense should land him a seat in hell
    c. yes he stands firm on jello perhaps… “watch it wiggle”..lol

    to the poster, joe scmoe..im sure u meant to sign joe shmoe.. your name shows your ignorance of our us rights of free speech.
    and.. joe shmoe..isnt that a cousin of joe blow…which I believe is related to joe blow from idaho… mitt sucks..joe blow… must be a family of suckers.
    wow I dissed you, (joe scmoe) and I didnt need to use the vulgarity you must use.
    plz come back for debates not attacks..no-one takes a dirty mouth as an indication of intelligence.

  19. as 4 any commenters to this widly funny and mostly true page…that would like truths on what this man did in my home state and elsewhere, feel free to browse my weblink here..


    my ‘not a mitt fan’ signing here will bring you to it.

    once again ty jefferson 4 posting your creative opinion.

  20. w.e.w.e.w.e says:

    Mormons suck, i agree much on that statment. There creeps look into it

  21. TJA says:

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot. If I had some time to waste, I’d have em sued for slander. I hope McCain gets elected, his idiot supporters get drafted, we have to stay in Iraq at full force for 4 more years, an illegal immigrant takes your job, and everyone who doesnt own there house gets foreclosed on. Oh yeah, almost forgot about his tripling the national debt. All the while doing that gay thumbs up he does. At least Romney knows what stock trading and computers are. I’m in the Navy (same as McCain) and I still dont want to see that old bastard in the White House. Think about it.

  22. jbones says:

    Don’t forget his mandatory Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law which penalizes those without health insurance and slaps a $200 fine on their taxes. How has no one seen the criminal aspects of this law? And why does America have such a f***ing problem with health care?

  23. kyle says:

    true true i hate that hes a morman lier fraud hyporcyte well id rather have 4 more years of bush than this guy


    U IDIOT!

  25. mahjkas says:

    you romney haters are pathetic. there is too much hasty generalization. youre very ignorant.