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  1. David says:

    Not a Design Expert you wonder why the Irish design is doing so well – maybe because it is the best designed. It is a blend of tradition and modern. It contains the symbol of Ireland – the harp, and also a warrior holding a shield and a spear. You say that it is weak and that it reflects the nations military capability. Ireland is a neutral country. Its military are more interested in Peace keeping missions abroad. Ireland does not go to war because of some hidden agenda like the US / UK / Australia etc etc.

    Ireland has the best logo for how it looks and what it symbolizes….

  2. United32 says:

    The Irish have been happily waging war since 1798. It may not have been done through what is considered to be a legitimate defence force, but it has been doing it since then quite succesfully (i.e. the founding of the free state, good Friday agreement and so on). It’s latest reincarnation happens to be the P.I.R.A. The official defence force will forever be an insignifigant blip in comparison to a real army that influences the nation south and north of the border.

  3. eddie says:

    Mark I would not consider Jadotville a surrender. They fought to the end, until both water and ammo was completely used up. Professionals trained in many bigger european armies were completely unable to dislogde them using force. Relief from others in the UN consisted of ignoring them or sending in air lifted water that was in uncleaned fuel drums, which was undrinkable. I am actually very proud of the service given in the Congo and Jadotville in particular. Despite the useless leadership given at a political in the UN level at the time. If all UN service was as selfless there would be far fewer prolems around the world today.

  4. eddie says:

    Mark- some army, you have no guns…

  5. Joseph Blabke says:

    United32. You’re factually incorrect. 1798 and all since has not been waging war. It was defending against those who chose to wage a war. It was defense against the would-be oppressors. Those involved did not invade a foreign land. That was the other side.

  6. brim4brim says:

    Yeah United32, the Irish army doesn’t wage war. When the Irish want to take over somewhere, we simply emigrate and outbreed the existing population until we are in control. The army has nothing to do with ti.

    Its a peaceful and much more fun way of taking over a country.

  7. eddie says:

    united- dont think there were too many non catholics in PIRA, they are more like the run on from the peep o day boys or the defenders than the United Irish men. Many of the main movers in 1798 were non sectarian and non catholic . PIRA had many short coming in that department. The rest of us might not be perfect, but I dont think following PIRAs example will get us any closer to be “united”. By the way the “offical” forces were the IRA in 1918 not PIRA which came much later from a split within a split and never had more than a samll minority of support. The legimacy of our forces comes from our own democracy not want anybody elses thinks of us…

  8. United 32 says:

    Hey brim4brim that’s hillarious and true. Very well pointed out. As regards to the coment by Joseph Blake, it is you Mr. Blake who is incorrect. Historically, the people ‘who chose to wage war against us’ as you describe them were in fact the legitimate government of Ireland. This was put in to statute through the crown of Ireland act 1542. As the vast majority of Gaelic chieftans accepted this anybody who fought against the legitimate government of the day (i.e. the crown) would be described as terrorists, using todays terminology. There was in FACT no war waged by the crown of England. War was however waged against the crown by anyone who chose to use violence or agression against it.

    Eddie, firstly I never made any reference to any particular religon of any of the organisations who have fought for the nation of Ireland. The fact that you make reference to this, shows that you are trying to distort my argument, which in fact makes very logical sense. As regards the P.I.R.A. and being united, this particular organisation has made more of an impression on this objective than any other organisation in Ireland. This includes Fianna Fail and our defence forces. Remember the Good Friday agreement is directly linked to the impression that the P.I.R.A. had on the government of Britain. Anybody who thinks differently is a fool. The I.R.A. of 1918 were not the official force of Ireland, they were a haphazard organisation fighting against the legitimate forces of the state, the Queen or King of England. The I.R.A. were the peoples army. It so happens that the official I.R.A. was superseeded by the P.I.R.A. therefore all legitimacy as the peoples army was surrendered to this new organisation. You can never make reference to how much support an illegal organistaion has as it is only speculation. This stands true for both the I.R.A. and the P.I.R.A.

    Finally in reference to the legitimacy of our forces coming from our democracy, the Irish constitution in article 3 states the fact that the Irish people want a nation of Ireland, in so many words, and therefore as part of this territory is occupied by an aggressor it calls in to question legitimacy and sovereignty and the right of any free state governement to appoint a ‘legitimate’ defence force.

  9. Gabh says:

    For those that said the irish logo isn’t the defence forces logo but the Department of Defence (yes you lord charlie), can they explain to me why the body and head of the warrior looks like an “i”. Why the third string of the harp and the shield, looks like a “D”. And why the spear and the hand holding it looks like an “f”? To me the logo clearly incorporates the letters “IDF”

  10. eddie says:

    United 32 – Your points have some truth, however the Volunteers in 1918 did place themselves under the service of the people after the all Ireland election of that year which gave their stated aim alot of credibility. During the troubles the provisionals never even had a majority of the nationalist vote in the 6 counties so it is safely to guess at their support levels. I believe this is because they were too agressive and destructive to the country at large and too willing to target civilians. Vocal criticism was not well recieved.
    As far as I am concerned the IRA were the offical force in 1918 because the Dail said they were and it was drawn from all parts of the Island in as much as circumstances at the time allowed that election to be.

    I am not suggesting that you were sectarian in your comments or are in fact so. But the lack of any imvolvement in your national organisation of such a large minority who were and are otherwise represented is a huge weakness. You propose build a new country for the people, but ignore their expressed wishes in vote after vote. People like me would be put against a wall by PIRA if they were running the country, because I stringly disagree. You scare too much to inspire.

    The fact that the British paid heed to PIRA does not make them morally right. No more than the treaty made the free state army legitimate. I am more worried what fellow Irish people think than foreigners and frankly PIRA is far more constructive and influential now without arms than any bomb ever made it.

    I believe anyone on the Island has an equal right to serve in the Army, however the disruption of that right does not allow others to set up new armies and claim they too are legitimate. Otherwise we end up in chaos. As I said originally the 26 county state is not perfect but its not that bad either and its good building block to work on. By your arguement RIRA, INLA, PIRA, the Defence Forces and CIRA all have equal rights to legitimacy regardless of who runs them or how answerable they are to who they claim to selve…

  11. Dubliner says:

    C’mon Ireland!

    We do not have an offensive army but one that only does peace keeping.

  12. John says:

    The Irish logo looks like a pregnant woman holding a spear?

  13. Felix says:

    Please put Nigeria Logo. Thank you.

  14. gabbi Flax says:


    i am doing a report on different companies and thier logos. I was wondering if you had your companys logo on a sticker and could send me one @
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  15. EuroStamps says:

    I like Ireland’s.

    Who knew so much work went into creating govt. dept logos?

  16. Howard says:

    Ireland’s logo is ridiculous. It looks like a guy in a wheelchair trying to climb a flagpole. Germany and Russia have much cooler logos.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else think the Saudi Arabia one looks more like an airliner logo?

  18. Craig says:

    I was able to recreate a few of these logos using a website http://www.freelogoservices.com They actually came out pretty good.

  19. andy says:

    Just to be clear: do not confuse the intentions of the civilian government with the performance of the service. In other words, don’t knock a country’s military just because the elected numbskulls send them to crazy missions. In defense of the American military, they trust and obey their civilian Congress and their civilian Commander in Chief. Baby and bathwater, etcetera.

  20. Carl Vincent says:

    Germany’s logo is the neatest because of history. Faught almost single handedly two world wars against the best of the best -so in a Pavlovian way it photographically creates a response. But in itself it’s not impressive.

    Russia’s logo says “IMPERIAL COSSACKS AND WAR DOGS APPRAOCHING” all over it. Makes you want to take your own life before they get here!

  21. HMERT says:

    Please add Turkish General Staff TGS to the list.

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  25. everything isnt logo Huh!

  26. medyum says:

    How dare you Paul R! I am a proud member of the Irish Defence Forces, I have served in Lebanon and Bosnia under UN Peacekeeping operations and I completely reject your claims that the Irish Military should be disbanded. Its madness! Ireland’s military hasn’t been as strong since the Civil War. Ireland’s military is a beacon of humanity in a world of evil. Ireland’s troops are deployed across the world under the UN protecting the innocent and rebuilding the lives of those effected by confict. The Irish Military is a force of peace and has never engaged in acts of aggression, a model force commited to protecting the defenceless where ever they may be. So vote Ireland! IRELAND’S MILITARY IS A FORCE OF GOOD AND PEACE, ARE ICON IS THE COOLEST, SYMBOLISES OUR HERITAGE AND IS THE MOST INNOVATIVE SO… VOTE IRELAND!!!!

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  29. bath mateus says:

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  30. Ankara Parke says:

    Hi. I think the poster who stated that you could guess who were seasoned war-pro’s got it spot on.

  31. masih says:

    I liked all the logo’s very sexy logo’s these all country’s have but there one more thing I want to tell why other country logo’s are not here like afghanistan, pakistan something like that please post the afghanistan and some other contries logo’s please…………..thanks.

  32. bath mate says:

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  33. Nick Matyas says:

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  34. All the logos featuring the eagle and crossed swords are members of the Commonwealth, and therefore ex-members of the British Empire.

  35. Shower Doors says:

    Completely agree with your comments on this – thanks for taking the time to post.

  36. Dans says:

    Thanks for sharing this really great

  37. Thanks for the share!

  38. Every culture has its own taste in designs and preferred color schemes. I think it’s whatever that works for them.

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