198 Responses to “28 Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone Sucks”

  1. Alexander says:

    Reason 16, 22 sucks.
    Reasons 1, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 to 20, 25 are good.

  2. Kimble says:

    I find it hilarious that people are commenting on an article about the original iphone saying you’re wrong and referring to the latest generation 3GS. Apple took 2 years to catchup to phones from 2007 and are still way behind. It’s 2009 people!

    Some 2009 reasons why the iphone sucks:

    - There’s just one iphone and touchscreen just doesn’t cut it for everyone
    - The camera is still archaic – 3.2mpix and a plastic lens

    The main reason why it sucks though is because of the fricking fanboys. They’re so annoying.

    Read on for a huge list of reasons why the iphone sux


  3. dexyer says:

    who said you can multi task easily on iphone?

    it continues to crash when i have music playing in the background when texting etc.

    in short iphone sucks

    go for n97, htc hero, xperia or palm ….. much better

    n70>N95>IPHONE 3g>Xperia > n97 > hopefullly x2

  4. Iphone Sucks says:

    Iphone truly sucks because people go crazy over one thing — Touch they dont notice all the other failures that are in the phone — Crashing – Easy Brake (careless people) Bad texting ( you press the wrong letter every time because of the touch — also the price range is very high including expensive plans – Messaging just plain sucks — Cannot record Video that’s sad because even in pretty decent models they include that

  5. DB's says:

    You forgot to mention that if you bought the original one and 3 weeks later the 3G model came out they laugh at you when you would like the newer phone in exchange. Also the phone gets worse with each update. It’s SLOW and drops calls regularly. Retrieving your messages has become a problem as of late.

  6. YES says:

    You are clearly retarded. you have no knowledge of electronics and your just pissed that your poor and cant afford shit. quit hating and get a real job so maybe you can find a real phone to match up with the iphone. dumb s**t

  7. iphonerocks says:

    You all need to shut up, iPhone users and other people. First of all, the iPhone DOES HAVE copy and paste
    Second of all, blackberrys suck. Third of all you can video record. Fourth of all there’s something called a case. Get one. It is multi touch. What? Nokia 95 is bbetter? You doint kno squat about iPhone. I dotnt nedd crap about Nokia. Just admit the iPhone rocks. Maybe it didn’t work out for you because you don’t kno how to read instructions. Btw jailbreak! How many apps can you’re phonme hold, Nokia? If you jailbreak, oh wait, NoKIA can’t, you can download an app called “categories”. It allows you to take all your apps or some of your apps and put thjem in a folder. The folder counts as one app. What? That means I could have as many apps as I want until I run out of storage. Iphone rocks. It has voice memos and sounds when you have a call or email. When you text your friend or coworker. Their reply shows on screen. There is an app for almost everything. The only things I don’t think they can do is make you fly, but there is anm app for virtual flying. Maybe your apps are free, nokia, because they suck and were opoorly written. I’m on the iphone side because nokia seems all styck up and iphones just fefending themselves. You start a fight someone’s gonna fihght back. That would be iPhones. Ever heard of 3GS? Look it up on google, if you can with your phone.

  8. your momtht agrees with iphonerocks says:

    i love the iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    evry 1 shut up i agree with iphone rocks above me

  9. you fucking cunt says:

    iphone can download games on itunes you dumbass

  10. Param Sharma says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! were the hell did u get this shit from!!!! The iPhone is amazing. I dont see a phone that can edit and share videos to Facebook or you tube. This is all BS. MAN WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT CANT PLAY GAMES IT HAS NEED FOR SPEED. CAN A HTC HERO BE TRACKED DOWN IF IT IS LOST.noo it can’t. BTW U PROBABLY HATE ON IT CAUSE U DONT HAVE ONE. ADVICE from a 13 year old

  11. People who use iPhones are FAGGOTS says:


  12. G says:

    to post 188.
    so what kind of non-faggot, non-pussy phone do you use?

  13. Bigd says:

    How about an app to make the POS work?

  14. mahe says:

    I was one of the idiot who bought iphone..what a piece of crap!!Its probably good for folks under 25 who plays games & watch u-tube…I guess all the old guys (30+) who bought it just dont want to admit they made a mistake buying iphone…i have seen guys having iphone and blackberry, using blackberry most of the time…iphone is a perfect example on how we get sucked into the marketing hype…i wish i never get pulled into it again

  15. Romin says:

    It is the world’s first phone which doesn’t support all sim cards :(

  16. Westchaser says:

    The iphone’s spelling suggestion/replacement feature is total crap. It suggests words that are in Swahili or some other completely illegible language.

    The iphone’s calendar system is not for business use. It offers no “snooze” feature; instead, it takes multiple presses to open, edit, save an event reminder.

    The iphone’s synchronize with Outlook is total garbage. In summary: “There are 15 contact conflicts. Apply or discard?” WTF am I supposed to do without additional details? Toss a coin in the air, apparently.

    The iphone is a mere toy. Business professional will have a better experience with a Blackberry or similar device.

  17. Westchaser says:

    Additional feedback:

    Once you enter an incorrect email address, it’s FOREVER stuck in the suggested contacts listing when creating or replying via email.

    Deleted mail often reappears in one’s inbox.

    Some websites fail to open, as one travels around the state. AT&T’s explanation: EVERY cell tower has its own DNS server and you must have traveled near a tower whose DNS server is lagging behind its synchronization schedule.

    Unless you jailbreak your iphone, it’s completely void of user-friendly features. See http://www.modmyi.com for details.

    If you want to easily download voice memos or other files from your iphone, check out http://www.digidna.net product named “DiskAid” ($10 USD as of Oct 2009)

  18. Bayan says:

    YOu are people who cant afford i phones im getting the i phone 3gs and its records it is 2x faster than the i phone 3g and its only ! $199 for the 16 gb you people are talking nonsence because u wish u had an i phone ur just jealous stop looking at what you dont have and look at what you have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. RAY says:


  20. baceman007 says:

    This article is a bit dated at this point, but I have to say that not only does the iPhone suck for most of the reasons listed above, but I have first hand experience with AT&T sucking pretty hard too and refusing to give discounts on the 1st gen. iPhones period, of course they say that Apple forced them to do this, and Apple says that they “needed” to. Then in the same breath they tell you to just buy another phone and sign another 2 year contract and you can get your 10% discount. Whatever, I am no longer an AT&T customer for some specific reasons, but in general all US cell phones suck, because the companies are rotten. Now that hardware manufactures like Motorola and Apple are helping already corrupt companies along I would urge all of you to really reevaluate what you need a phone to do. Buy a map of your town, for example, instead of paying some obscene data rate so your company can charge you to use the services you want across air waves that you already pay for in your taxes. That’s right, we own the airwaves that the government sold to these corrupt companies, especially after the digital TV switch, did we see any financial gain for this? No, we got some faster connections, but the data plans did not become more affordable on the whole. The point is the government is too in bed with cell phone companies right now to regulate them, but that doesn’t mean that we have to really put up with this. For those of us that absolutely have to have a cell phone we can get pay by minute phones without contracts and use them as conservatively as possible. The key is to break the cycle of getting screwed by contracts. Once companies no longer have the motivation to screw us by contract, or start to really offer phones with no contracts at all, we’ll finally start to get what we’re paying for because we can switch whenever a company treats us poorly. Remember having choice when you did a company the favor of doing business with them? I know, I know, that was before we started signing cell phone contracts….

  21. Paul says:

    Aww, the person in #188 must be too poor to buy an iPhone… doesn’t it suck to be surrounded by people better than you? I feel bad for you but oh well, you made your life suck so deal with it. Leave us people who have class, style and money alone and worry about how you’re gonna spend your food stamps this week.

  22. Paul says:

    Wow, all you little crybabies in here need to get a life, lol! POOR YOU! Just because you don’t know how to manage your minutes and got screwed on your AT&T bill or don’t have good credit and got denied by AT&T or simply can’t budget your money and failed to pay your bill resulting in your phone not working, doesn’t mean you should bad mouth the product for no reason. The iPhone is the #1 MOST SOLD SMARTPHONE and it holds that rank for a reason… because it is AMAZING! Good luck getting your piece of crap Nokia or Motorola do do half the stuff the iPhone can do. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it, if you don’t like AT&T, don’t buy it. But for God sakes, just shut the fuck up about it already. No one cares that you can’t manage your money, minutes or credit. Get over it and move on people.

  23. epgomez says:

    i noticed that iphone fan boys are not familiar with the other smartphones. they still believe that they can do a lot of stuff on their iphones. everybody knows that the iphone battery will not last you a day of normal use but other phones can. it’s a fact that iphones are worst phones but nice internet (no flash device). it a fact that iphone fan boys doesn’t know that other phones can do video chat with skype and iphones can’t. it’s also a fact that other phones can surf the net like a desktop but iphone can’t. i don’t want to tell these apps but it’s true and fanboys dosn’t know and they just believe their iphone can do all but not true.

  24. Demonwolf says:

    if it were not a present from someone i see everyday,
    I’D DEF. NOT USE IT!..

  25. TeePee says:

    The “Send” button’s position next to the txt entry box of the Message app means that a slip sends a half-composed txt. Can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve sent a text with words half written or sentences half completed.
    Another app that sucks is Contacts. Soooooo basic. My $20 Sony allows me to type three digits and select from a list of phone numbers matching the filter.
    Why does the phone sync EVERY time its placed in the cradle (or connected to the cable)? Wouldn’t it be sensible to have to manually sync, rather than automatically, if the last connection to the cable was 20 seconds ago? Or perhaps a configuration option?
    Where is the sound in video recording? What, no sound? Why???
    The phone seems to ‘screw up’ internally periodically – won’t receive calls but displays no visible problems. Have to wait until trying to call out to notice there’s an issue.
    The battery life is too short not to be able to replace the battery with a spare. Cmon! Phones have been capable of having batteries replaced since the beginning of mobile phone life.
    Why can’t you trial an app for 48 hours before buying?

    I don’t like my iPhone 3GS, can’t wait for the contract to expire

    Oh, that’ll do.

  26. Cynthia Mehl says:

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  27. somaie says:

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  28. Jeckel says:

    I’ve never understood why there needs to be an “app store”. If the iPhone has a harddrive, an OS, and an Internet Connection, why can’t I just surf the web, download, and install whatever “app” I want?

    I mean really, what so “revolutionary” about a little computer that can play music, surf the web, etc?

    And Safari.. really..? Until I can simply download and install FireFox, there is not chance I would even consider blowing half a months rent or what my family spends on a month of food for a computer that only lets me download programs sanctioned by the phone’s maker.

    Who could think that was ok.. O wait, its Apple, its not a product, its a “life style”.

    Thanks, but I’m not interested in buying a life style, I am looking to purchase product.

  29. iphonegenius says:

    first of all, you guys are all jelous because you dont have an iphone. that is why you guys complain. the iphone has billions of games and many cool apps. it has GPS and many cool things like this one app where you just humm sing or put your iphone near a playing song and it will automatically tell you what song it is. it also gives a preview of the song. also airmouse where you can control your computer from ur iphone. think people. you all probably have tracfones. u can even put more megapixels if u just download the app. and for the no video recorder complaint you can also download the app. just type in camcorder. my iq is 147. i have the iphone and my iq isnt 119.

  30. marco says:

    JEalous of iphone ?? nono…

    we are not jealous.. First of all.. Iphone is a great product from apple, .. but second, I dont really like Iphone comming out because most of the people in Indoesia buys iphone even though they dont need.. u know,, … my maid, who got like very small amount of salary, wants an iphone,, so she pays monthly… u see?? that is why i dont like new things like that…

  31. Jen says:

    Seriously. You have time to blog on what’s sucky. GET A JOB! And try focusing on what’s NOT sucky.

  32. yoyo says:

    The wifi on my iphone hasn’t worked for months. That sucks ass.

  33. Bob Jolly says:

    Yeah the iPhone rocks! I just downloaded the 12 mega pixel camera app and now I have like a better camera on my phone than some have on their digital camera.

    I also downloaded the “more storage app” and now I got 80GB of hard drive space and not 16GB.

    I also wanted a Mac so I downloaded the “Mac changer” app and now my iPhone has turned in to an iMac.

  34. AIdan says:

    Your fucking stupid, You can’t change your memory through an app. Iphones are pretty good except they break way too easily. My iphones logic board failed so i had to pay 250 dollars to get it replaced then after a 1 m drop my screen has cracked and to fix it i have to pay 200 dollars. They goota do somthing about the screen cracking issue. 3G is a piece of shit also. Slow as

  35. Bambi says:

    pc suck,why its expensive its beacause is the apple brand…like DC* is hot and Tommy helfeger suck lol,you can play 98% of pc game on it,you can have xp on it,look much better than a pc soooo pc suck!

  36. Gabriel says:

    Good day,
    I’m in love with my Nexus One – superphone ( just updated yesterday -OTA- its so much better now about the 3G signal & more faster charging time ) – we still have the 2g iphone & 3gs but were using it as MP3 player in our cars – 09 RIDGELINE & 09 PILOT -
    I called my friend who’s working on HTC in Houston – (he’s senior engineer-the best guy to ask about software & phones) ( USA-HTC repair center is in Houston,Texas ) he divulge something to me.
    We moved from California for GOOD – he worked with APPLE before & myself with Honda R&D and now we are in Texas ( hes in Houston, I’m in the best city in the USA – AUSTIN,TEXAS).
    Here’s the big scoop guys, GOOGLE wants some share on HTC board & they will invest in the company for more products to be made by HTC for them, like the ultra advance tablet & more advance phones that is way better than the so called old technology ipad & iphone, who are just good in aesthetic appearance with APPLE logo on it ( i’ll bet all my money that whatever piece of crap they will make, people will buy it because of the name APPLE ) BUT if it is EMACHINES that even can do anything & will make your life easy and happy, still people will not buy it because its EMACHINE, people did you get it??? wake up!!!
    Thats all for now…
    Take care buddies & gurlies…
    God bless y’all

  37. Paul Parton says:

    Bob I downloaded the iShuttle app and now it my iPhone is a fully working space shuttle

  38. virtualtycoon says:

    I just built a new computer and connected my iPhone. It asked me if I wanted to back my iPhone up. I did. When I restored it it set it back to its factory settings! Since when does “restore” mean “default settings”. I thought it would restore my backup. I lost everything. What a piece of Sh*t.

  39. thomas says:

    If its theyr first attemp they dont need to make a fucking phone! i have it and now all i can do is emergency calls! thats ALL i can do!!!!!!

  40. RendyCS says:

    I don’t agree with the statement that said iPhone has no Games!!! I have more than 50 Games on My iPhone…

  41. passingby says:

    i don’t get it way apply fanboy seem to hate MS but more than happy to kiss steve jobs’s ass, pay, listen and do whatever he tell them!

    look at iphone. you pay for the hardware and you get to listen to jobs tell you what you can use what you can not! only retard would do that!

    what if you buy a t-shirt and the seller told you that you can not ware it with black jean just because he don’t think that the t-shirt will look good on black jean! the seller is the only one can say what jean’s brand, what color of the jean you can ware with the t-shirt you brought.

    sound like an idiot, isn’t it? yeah because it is an idiot policy by apple. what is the free market in a free world is all about?

    you pay for the hardware, you should be free to use it with any carrier, and install any software you want. fuck off steve jobs.

  42. Kev says:

    This is what the list should be:

    8 Reasons why the newest iPhone 32gS sucks.

    1. At $599, it is ridiculously expensive. (Add in the cost of an AT&T contract and you get close to $1500)
    2. Those who want to buy one must sell their soul to evil mega-corporation AT&T.
    3. Japan already has technologically superior phones, and they’re far cheaper.
    5. You cannot remove its battery. Thanks for replicating one of the biggest complaints about the ipod, Apple!
    6. It lacks proper support for Flash websites. So much for the internet.
    7. It doesn’t have a file browser/organizer.
    8. Its default ringtones suck.

  43. Ali says:

    This sucks!!

    I have a better phone: Nokia 5230
    >It has GPS
    >Its cheap
    >Its amazing!!!
    >The best video result I’ve seen for a 2MP camera!!

  44. Ooh darn i just typed a big comment and as soon as i pressed reply it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to type it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitched out or i am an moron, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  45. Ooh snap i just wrote a big comment and as soon as i pressed submit it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to submit it again if i do not need to! Either the blog glitched out or i am an nimrod, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  46. Ooh dang i just wrote a big comment and as soon as i pressed submit it came up empty! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to submit it again if i do not need to! Either the blog zapped out or i am an nimrod, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  47. Jim says:

    WOW, nearly ALL of these are fixed with the iphone 3Gs! quit being jealous of a touchscreen phone that DOESN’T suck (for once)


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