317 Responses to “8 Reasons Why AT&T Sucks Beyond All Belief”

  1. I Hate At&t says:

    I didn’t have to read any more than the subject heading to agree completely that At&t SUCKS beyond words.

    I just spent hours on the phone, 3 useless visits from technicians, all to be reverted to what I started out with (a DSL slow internet connection).

    All this occurs because I call in to pay my bill, and this stupid customer representative tries to promote this thing called U-verse.

    He says that it’ll give me a faster speed at no extra cost. Let me just advise everyone to:





    I’m committed to canceling what little I have with AT&T, and avoid doing any business with this jacked up company in the future.

    Even if I have to stop eating wheat or drinking beer to indirectly disassociate myself from this BULL CRAP of a company, I will.

    I’m committed to telling as many people as I can that AT&T is the most unworthy stink hole of a business.


    Not because I love you or because you are respectable – but because I HATE AT&T.

  2. Danko Gulsoy says:

    The people work at AT&T Advertising department are thieves. Here is what happened:
    1) Mr. James Wheeler, sales rep, called 3-4 times to make an appointment with me somewhere in January 2009. I scheduled a meeting him.
    2) He came and gave little bit information about their products. I subscribed to their yellow pages online advertisement. He was telling me all kind of lies like he is one of the best in his team. He would proving me the month statistical data. He could help me always be at the top no matter what. He can see my competitions points and help me add points to my account with minimum investment. He acted friendly and that is how got scammed.
    3) At that time- I told him-we have no one to answer the phones at that moment if he could start the online advertisement in May 15th. He said definitely. He wanted to sell me their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement. I said let’s meet another time to talk about it.
    4) He continuously called me. We finally met again in February 2009. He gave me a false information about how their program works(Of course I realized that when it was too late).
    5) I was checking yellow pages online site and realized that our banner was showing up. It was only April 2009 and my ad was on. It shouldn’t be on till May 15th.
    6) I started calling our friend Mr. Wheeler. No response. I tried to call him 15 times within 3 weeks. I was frustrated. Because, now I was being victimize with my own money.
    7) I called the customer service immediately. After talking to Miss Toledia Windless, Customer Service Manager, and explaining the situation she said she would make the local branch to contact me.
    8) I talked to some friends at AT&T. They told me that once the sale is done- sales person get his/her cut and they close the deal.
    9) It has been 8 months no one has called or communicated in any ways. Today a person, Eric Hair, from Charlotte office called me and asked me how I like the ATT&T advertising programs. I was like. Don’t even get started. I told him that I hated those people and their business practices. I asked him to resolve my issue (cancel my products). He said only customer service person can help me. He transferred me to Customer Service.
    10) A person name Kenya answered phone. Another useless customer service rep. I told her all the story in 10 minutes and the only thing she said was she cannot cancel the contract. Only, our friend, Mr. Wheeler could do that. I asked her to transfer to her manager. I haven’t gotten any phone calls from Miss Heather Lion as of now.
    11) The Charlotte Office Manager, Jene Alllen, called me. I explained the situation. He said he cannot help me. Well, he is another useless person this company employs.
    12) Today- I report a complaint through Better Business Bureau. I will try to see how is is going to work.

    The bottom line- don’t get AT&T Advertisement products. It doesn’t work. The PPC is even worse. The only calls you get is from spam advertisers. If you want to make a sound decision go for somewhere else. I trusted AT&T is reputation. I see now the company practices unethical business processes and employs incompetent people. They are basically thieves.

  3. Dick Farter says:

    I killed an ATT empolyee on the 13th to honor Jeffery’s birthday, I have no remourse…………..

  4. Yoshi says:

    #28 GOOD FOR YOU!! Many people have been wronged by this conglomerate company. I for one have had trouble recently, where the phone went dead, and they are disconcerting about the whole matter. They say it will be a week before someone could come out. I take care of elderly people, and that phone line is the life line between emergency help, not to mention every day business conversations. so take your “wah wah” back to the school yard where you belong. You are truly the ignorant one here.

  5. Andrew Oxley says:

    I just reviewed my phone bill and saw that they had been overcharging me by $20 a month for 6 months. They switched my plan without my knowledge and this is the third time! The MOB is more honest than this crew! There needs to be an investigation into what they are doing because it appears CRIMINAL!
    They have now told me they can only credit me one month!

  6. Elisabeth Stamford says:

    Talking about how bad ATT sucks. This morning (2/20/10 around 8:10am PST) I was fuming!… And I decided to share my frustration with others! …Everything started normally — I had some problem with my ATT services, so I called their residential customer service line. An automated recording guided me through the menus, and I finally found my way to the live operator. Here is where the hell broke loose. Some girl starts to speak to me in Spanish. I do not understand anything she is saying… So, after she stopped I attempted to speak English to her. She switched to English and continued “how can I help you”. I paused before continuing talking – at this point I was still recovering from being taken aback a little by her Spanish… (now bear in mind, at no point in time did I select a Spanish language option…). So, I explained to her that I was a little surprised to be addressed in Spanish (thinking nothing of my remark …). The girl continued, “well, I am bi-lingual, I can speak English to you now…” At this point I was starting to detect some irritation in her voice… (for some reason my natural surprise from being greeted in Spanish “ticked her off”!). I tried to reassure her that I was OK with her being bi-lingual, however I was not OK with being greeted in Spanish (am I not in USA after all…). Now at this point she could barely hide her irritation “do you have any problems with me being bi-lingual” — she continued. Again, I told her I was OK with her language skills — trying to put that confrontation behind us and move forward to the business at hand. She murmured something and transferred me to back to the automated system. Now, I am OK if a person does not want to talk to me even if it is her duty to do so… I was expecting to resume the conversation with another operator. But get this, this bi-lingual bit$%#$ transferred me to an automated system in VIETNAMESE or MANDARIN language… Now, I am a reasonable and mild mannered person, and at all times times try to avoid unnecessary confrontation. But this kind of behavior of a telephone company operator is plain unacceptable. So, I am giving AT&T couple weeks to sort it out and then if apology is not offered by the company and the rude action on the part of their operator is not properly addressed I am taking my frustration to the public a to all and any public online outlets that would help “redress my grievances” and would help “fight bad business practices” of ATT.

  7. chris says:

    I Just got a J.O.B with At&t wireless. I feel bad with the way they treat their customers. I got a great insight on how they work, if you have any ? or inquiries on how to get around their stupid ass rules& regulations email me @ [email protected]. I do check my email frequently so feel free to message me at any given time. I also only know about wireless dept policy nothing in regards to DSL or landline srv. Feel free to ask anyway i still will try to help as much as i can… (please no emails in regards to ADJUSTING, or any other srv with YOU’RE ACCT) will only help you with what they fail to tell you as a value customer & how to get around it. Since it is you that makes at&t #1 in the nation

  8. Larry says:

    The very fist line of this blog is an indication that this blogger is really not that well informed about AT&T. Since he can’t even get facts straight that are common knowledge, the accuracy of his conspiracy theories that followed have to be considered doubtful as well.

    AT&T was not renamed as SBC in 1983, as he claims. SBC was one of the 5 baby bells that were formed in the breadup of AT&T. SBC became a regional Bell, along with the new Ameritech, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, etc.

    That new, smaller company named SBC grew, and later purchased what was left of the old AT&T, and renamed the new company AT&T. that is what we have today.

    The other baby bells have been either acquired by other companies, or bought other companies and now operate under different names, ie., Verizon. (the old Bell Atlantic.)

  9. rosie says:

    My favorite was after 5-6 hours on the phone to try and fix my DSL the rep from India finally conceeded that they needed to send a repair guy out — 3 guys later — my problem is the hard ground :) Go figure!

  10. Luc says:

    I left AT&T for a VOIP provider. I have also switched from (Cingular) AT&T wireless to another cell phone wireless provider. One good thing about AT&T is that they let me port my numbers without much hassle. Otherwise, AT&T is highway robbery. I get 32 + features, plus unlimited long-distance anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for $14.95/month with that VOIP provider. To get all those features combined, it would cost about $60.00 more a month with AT&T. I get better, professional courteous service (from customer service to tech support) from the VOIP than I ever have from AT&T, and the call quality is not bad either.

  11. Georgia says:

    AT&T wants to grab you by the neck, it is such a shame that Apple, with al it’s nice prducts, let us ony deal with this company.
    They do not inform you of everything you should know.
    My problem was that my ihpone 3g died and I went to upgrade and paid full price, while they did not inform me that I could have upgraded my iphone on april 17th and paid half the price I paid, and even with all the business we give to them (5 iphones) they declined to help me and refund the money. SUCKS!!!

  12. JJ says:

    how do you get them to cancel phone service without being put on hold for two hours? THey put me on hold the last time I called and then closed shop and left me hanging. It is so hard to cancel their service, aren’t there supposed to be laws against this kind of marketing?

  13. robert says:

    at&t prices are a rip off, with those prices i’d rather go to verizon where they offer better service, and my mom got at&t dsl, why? i have no idea but the piece of shit always disconnects.. worst company ever, highly not recommended.

  14. David says:

    So after having months and months worth of internet problems, I finally had the time to call ATT. You see, I am a doctor and my wife is a full time student and she works full time, so by the time we get home, ATT is closed for customer service. Well we were having problems for MONTHS and when I finally called, ATT called me a liar for having not called in earlier. Well after being hung up on numerous times and after multiple 2-3 hour conversations with tech support, billing, and customer service, a technician was finally dispatched to my home. He found nothing wrong outside of my home and he left. The problem persisted…ATT would not take blame. After trouble shooting with ATT AGAIN, a second tech was dispatched the very next day. He replaced our router and said everything was fine. Everything was NOT fine. When he left, 30 minutes later our internet stopped working again. Mind you, I’ve now had to take multiple days off just to deal with my internet service. I called ATT every day that week to show them that I was NOT lying and that we have a real problem on our hands. So the whole week goes by and finally that next SUNDAY another tech came to my house. He checked all the wires….cut out a bunch of wires, took out some spliced things and said everything should be fine now, but I’m going to have an $80 charge on my next bill because it was a wiring problem but that everything should be fine. Well AS SOON AS HE LEFT, we could not establish a connection. Luckily he was outside of my house entering some data in his truck. So I whistled for TYRONE to come back in. He did. After diagnosing ‘the problem’ he came to the conclusion that I needed a new router. LOL! WTF?! So he replaced it and tried to get on-line. Well, these 2WIRE modems SUCK DIZZLE!! Anyway, after not being able to connect, he summed up our problem by stating that our LAPTOPS were to blame and that we should contact COMPAQ/HP and ACER. Ok, he left….just now. I’m fuming. He was really nice and even told me how much HE hates ATT but the fact that his kids are in big colleges, well, his retirement fund couldn’t support their educations so he HAD to work. He told me that the techs take A LOT of the angry brunt from ATT customers, and he told me how glad he was that I was understanding and non-threateniing. I feel bad for the techs. They get dispatched and have NO idea what hornets’ nest they may be stepping into. ATT sucks. I’m done….well when my contract runs out I’m done. LOL…I’m stuck in this GD MF’in contract. Effing internet and phone GANGSTERS!!!!! I miss MA Bell.

  15. mike says:

    Att sucks.
    They trained to collect data and money. Nobody care about service. Monopoly. Why? No comments.
    “What the number to call you back in case we will be disconected?” All the time guestion. ALL about 7drops- nobody, NEver call back.
    On reguest to fix line , they send tech in home , did nothing.
    On a second reguest they schedule tech from 12 to 4.
    Tech came at 5. (?) Was missed. Did they trained to use phone? I beleave “no”.
    Two month later credit in a bill for (not provided) service was reguested . Promissed. !! Service canceled. ATT ofers another service. Do they use (brain or ) monitored records to do business like that? Clothing bill was screwed up for repaire(?) that was (?) done 2 month ago.

    This is a not a single similar story . Will it change their business? Never! Why ? No comments.

    Wish them (ATT) keep data records promptly

  16. Mike says:

    ofcause it is”closing bill” in a previose post, sorry for gramma. I am not ATT CEO.