20 Responses to “22 Bicycle Crash Photos That Will Make You Cringe”

  1. frombe says:

    that last one really made me chuckle ^^

  2. parasight says:

    Same here, that one is absolutely hilarious. :)

  3. robenroute says:

    tears streaming from my eyes…

  4. Just a person says:

    This is why Humans never live so long.

  5. on the ground says:


  6. Justme says:

    You realise the guy in the last pic died of his injuries right?

  7. Lizzy says:

    the one with the girls in the foreground is a flip, the guy lands on his feet, quite impressive when done properly

  8. andy says:

    you all know that the last pic isnt real , i mountain bike and you cant get the bike that far without realising lol … he still has his hands on the handlebars … the pictures been photo edited. also you would never think about doing a jump that big without a full face helmet and a bike that crap :P

  9. Mark says:

    the guy with the face full of back tire should be “Bicycling” magazines “Wheel Sucker” of the month. The other guy is getting really personal with the light pole, and the fool on the bmx bike without the helmet deserves everything he got (what a dumbass)

  10. Vray says:

    The last picture is REAL. Do a search on “Great Wall death stunt”, that dude died.

  11. Vray says:

    His name was Wang Jiaxiong

  12. Bubu says:

    the one who is running beside the motorbike..deserves him right…hope the motorbike landed flat on him…annoying pr**ks hindering you on the climb, instead of cheering you on….

  13. trin22 says:

    == the guy with the face full of back tire…
    this was not a back tyre, this is his own front one. his frame broken down on him and the front wheel fell off.

  14. What? says:

    You’re 20x more likely to die in a car accident, then on a bike in any given time frame.

    Same goes for life altering injuries.

  15. Paul says:

    You’re 20x more likely to die in a car accident?? The statistics don’t support your statement, especially if you consider that many people travel about 10,000 miles in cars and much less on bikes.

  16. Anton says:

    Remember that most of these crashes are in competitive events where the rider risks a lot for a good finish, race, jump. Riding down the street is perfectly safe. Look up car crash photos, now cars are deathtraps.

  17. Darren says:

    Vray said earlier the crash in the last photo really did happen its a event that happens nearly every year where they jump over the Great Wall of China. The event was a huge thing in China and I still dont know yet if they are doing another one anytime soon, but here’s a link to a report on Star news about it


    As to someone saying it is fake because why in the world would anyone still think he would be still holding the bike. Well first go to that link and you will surely find it real, but also though when you are thrown like that from your bike it takes you a few seconds to realize what truely is happening and also when he did that he was more than likely gripping those handlebars with his life and so when he got a thrown his hands were still tense.

  18. doodlebug says:

    The guy riding in the rain carrying the umbrella deserved to crash, as did the moron riding down the stairs. Darwin awards candidates, I believe.

  19. great says:

    they jump over the Great Wall of China.Unlikely…..