95 Responses to “16 Reasons Why MySpace Sucks”

  1. Deus says:

    Oh, let’s not forget the annoying ads that scream “Hello!”, whenever you hover over it.

  2. bully says:

    I agree, I can’t stand how you have to listen to everyones music when myspace loads too.

  3. brian ellison says:

    I just wrote on my myspace page: News Corp sucks the sweat off a dead mans balls. Suck a dick Rupert Murdoch, on my space. Lets see if that gets censored.

  4. rrs09 says:

    ok. i agree on some of that stuff, but not all of it… some ppl have friends around the u.s. and cant get in touch with them, so they use myspace or something else. phone minutes are getting more expensive every year, and me personaly…i dont have that kind of money…so i use myspace, ya it sucks sometimes but id rather use it than pay almost a dollar a minute(depends on which phone plan), just to talk to my freinds that live in other states. and i Hate how it says that there is a technical error…and i have had to change my password 3 times b/c someone had hacked into it.It Sucked!!!

  5. Andrew says:

    THANK YOU! Finally someone thats not a moron!

  6. Matt says:

    Hell Yes My space sucks. It is a cult of teeny boppers and child molesters who like to get in touch with eachother.I have no use for it. I belive it should get the same treatment as napster and get shut down.

  7. Kristin says:

    Yeah, it does but I avoid all that crap and it works.I’m only friends with my REAL friends that I met in person.And my laptop is REALLY REALLY fast on myspace or anywhere.The only reason I get on myspace is to talk to my friends and write in a blog,which you can also go to http://www.opendiary.com that place is the 2nd perfect place to go to for a blog or online diary and it’s not popular at all.The say that it’s the lowest score of users, and it has only 2,367 users…doesn’t mean they all get online there.I went there a few days ago and they said there was only 38 people on there blogs.I think it’s a great place to go.And blogspot,blogger,other things.But, anyway MYSPACE STILL SUCKS!!!

  8. Tom says:

    I love myspace and you people have no brains.I’m going potty.

    (not really tom)

  9. jsergio says:

    i dont like myspace neither but i do like the concept. here is a better one it has all the features of myspace but with out the clutter and negative features. take a look for your selves. demo account is already set up just click login to try it http://www.friendview.net

  10. Bob says:

    Dump myspace and check out my site that PAYS YOU to do what you do on myspace.

    Sign-up and create profile for FREE..

    A no brainer…

  11. Samantha says:

    I finally quit MySpace and left a nice little sign off letter, including a link to this article. And guess what? They’ve labeled the link as “spam/spyware/virus” and it gives you that phishing warning before it lets you click through. Just one more reason.

  12. adam smith says:

    I like myspace. What I don’t like is that the last few weeks after about 10 at night I can’t connect. Ever. Oh, the sign up to pay for advertising works, but that’s about it.

  13. Chad says:

    I won’t lie, I too use Myspace, but I also enjoy my time on Yuwie as well.

    Yuwie is filled with a great team of people and the founder of it all actually listens to what we have to say; and takes it into consideration.

    That’s more than I can say about most sites who tend to completely ignore their users once they’ve gained ground in the market and are earning a healthy living.

    Unlike many other social sites, Yuwie! is taking a twist on the whole social networking trend and actually sharing a part of its advertising revenue with its users.

    Sure its pennies at first, but its still a baby only having a little over 500,000 members compared to the 200 million of Myspace and is likely more money than you’ll ever see from Myspace or Facebook alike.

    So, why not give Yuwie! a shot? It’s free to sign up and you might be surprised to find that its not all that different than Myspace or Facebook aside from what I find to be a much more mature and family oriented audience.

    Oh, and one more thing, Yuwie! DOES NOT tolerate spam. So, you won’t have to worry about being harrassed by those pesky porn bots with pictures of half naked girls begging to be your friend or the comment spam bots posing as your buddies rejoicing over how they just won a “$500 Macy’s giftcard”.

    Yuwie pays by Paypal or Check, $5 cashout for Paypal and $25 for a check, and who doesn’t use Paypal nowadays? Sure Paypal isn’t without it’s flaws, but it still commands the lead over being one of the most safest and easiest ways to transfer money online.

    Join Yuwie!

  14. :p says:

    Holy crap this is so true..


  15. Iceman says:

    Okay, I’ll play devil’s advocate here. Some of your comments about MySpace are true. There are a lot of musicians on MySpace (I’m one of them). But the truth is that MySpace remains the BEST way for independent musicians to market their music to new audiences.

    Thank God the people on MySpace (or the web in general) aren’t as close-minded as some of the people here, or indie musicians would REALLY be in trouble. But the fact remains that MySpace is the most popular site out there BECAUSE of the fact that it allows so much interaction. (By the way, I agree that News Corp sucks. If they get their way, the Republicans will ‘big-brother’ us all to death.)

    I understand your point about searching for your REAL friends on MySpace, but let’s face it, MySpace was originally started by a BAND to promote their music, so of course it favors musicians. The whole “social” aspect of it was added as a marketing gimmick.

    If you’re looking for a true “social networking” site, one where you can find your real friends online, isn’t that what Facebook is for? Or better yet, isn’t that what a TELEPHONE is for? That’s how I contact MY real friends! Maybe you should take a deep breath, get off the computer once in a while, and go hang out with REAL LIVE flesh and blood people. Try it, it’s fun!

    What a revolutionary concept, huh?

  16. Myspace is the worst social networking site ever … 99.9% of the profiles haven’t been logged into in years. Most of the profiles are (female)spammers trying to get you to sign up for some other site … its a shame to take such a good concept and ruin it. Myspace will fall … mark my words.

  17. lugo says:

    wow dude your fuckin lame ass, I think theres a reason Its one of the most viewed websites in the world …..


    1. They have this fuckin stupid ass editor

  18. Sniper of The One Above says:

    Wow, if this sucks so bad, why not just go back to molesting people on *shudder* MySpace *shudder*.
    MySpace does, in fact, suck. Half the people are molesters and the rest either have anger problems or are druggies.

  19. myspace dude says:

    someone didnt have any friends on myspace.

  20. someone. says:

    the person who wrote this is biased.

  21. myspaceSUCKS says:

    Sniff, I’m nearly in tears reading this :’). I HATE myspace, and you just gave me 16 more reasons to hate it. I used to just hate it because my ex-girl has one (stupid reason yes; do I care no), but now I have 17 reasons. THANK YOU! I have NEVER had a freakin’ myspace and NEVER WILL! It should be eliminated and I tell people this a lot. So my closing comments, are simply, THANK YOU MAN!

  22. Victor says:

    Jewxs own the damned site, so whatever they don’t aggree with they censor – so much for the freedom of speech. They deleted my profile without warning, simply because they did not like itr, but I couldn’t care less – the site is full of idiots, retards, niggas rap – a good hang out place for subhumans. Fuck it.

  23. OneAndOnly says:

    lol!I hate myspace.Though Myspace is not near as bad as Yuwie!You see all these people on here begging you to join Yuwie?There is a reason behind that.

  24. Victor deserved to be deleted. What a fuckwit

  25. buffy says:

    who sucks donkey dick ……………………………………..myspace sucks donkey dick lol

  26. buffy says:

    myspace ruins relationships …. well no i take that back , the fucking idiots that cheat on myspace fucking ruins relationships , and the fucking online whores

  27. Toss Pot says:

    I think MySpace is very useful for bands and is a way to keep in contact with people. But some bands really take the piss with it. Bands that have only just formed who think the world owe them something, using MySpace to post their spam and crap, adding you for the sake of adding you, no gig listings just posting things on their upcoming shows like “Rehearsal @ 7pm”, “Songwriting session” as if anyone cares!
    Any old crap photos just thrown up with badly recorded video clips from mobile phones that you cant make a thing out from.
    After using MySpace to book gigs for a venue (on their request) it really does piss me off. Useful for bands that have talent and can actually play, but unfortunately swaped with no-hopers who think that putting a MySpace page up will make them rock stars.

  28. cartman1993 says:

    Myspace is for gay little 12 year olds who want to look badass by posting pics of themselves not looking at the camera. Or worse, looking at the camera and hugging a friend and giving the “peace” sign and sticking their tongues out. I hate it SOOOOO much.

  29. Dude says:

    I agree with a lot of this, except the “Myspace users are stupid” portion. A great deal of Myspace user accounts are maintained by bots or idiots, but there are a fair share of people on there will college degrees and even graduate degrees. My friends, all of whom have earned at least 4-year degrees, have some sort of myspace presence.

    p.s. Some people have also found very creative ways to take advantage of the customizing leniency to create very elaborate and stunning profiles.

  30. Whatever says:

    Why do people keep saying Myspace is for idiots and Facebook is for refined people? Give me a break. Facebook is nothing but apps bombarding ugly, monotonous profiles in ways almost as bad if not worse than most hideous Myspace profiles. It’s also an information gathering machine that watches people like digital sheep. Facebook has as many agendas and assholes behind it as Myspace. They’re both for idiots.

  31. SlaughterMcKill says:

    “Anti-Human Rights”

    Apparently China being a sovereign country and deciding to try and keep as much degenerate and demoralizing crap out of its society as possible is the worst thing since the Holy-Co$t. The iron grip of Free-Dumb must not stand still!


    Does the government take part in filtering MySpace? Furthermore, if Alex Jones is such a fountain of TROOOOTH, why exactly does he need to sell shit on his four websites and act like a crazy jewish prophet and make a hilariously bad “I predict the Trade Center will be demolished” video several days after the fact and then claim that he made it before-hand? Oh well, when you’re scared shitless of “Fascism” even though you can’t define it…

  32. omGmysPaceiSc0ool says:


  33. John Paul Jones says:



    But in all seriousness, this page is awesome. But there is one good thing about MySpace. It’s the best way for independent musicians to advertise their music. I mean, the idiots on MySpace are so impressionable that they’ll listen to anything.

  34. esprit says:

    MySpace sucks and the freakin’ skanks on there ruin it! Stick your “friend requests” where the sun don’t shine – oh, wait, nevermind you half naked ugly SKANKS!!! go find your own friend and/or boyfriend and put some clothes on you low class loser!

  35. esprit says:

    no offense to anyone who is not a skank but has a normal myspace page. the skanks are apparently desperate for attention!!!!!!!! HA HA HA

  36. Toms Decomposing Colon says:

    Nothing but a bunch of commercialized fecal feaster’s who’d deep throat anything with a sneaker ad label.These fuckers will be breeding one day-Remember that!

    Fuck MySpace & the asscrackheads who spend their days/nights being rounded up like sheep to be cornholed by the latest “cool” corporate label.They are perpetuating global stupidity & are the very reason why gas prices are so high!

  37. Chuck says:

    MySpace SUCKS
    OMG Does it suck.

  38. Ron says:


  39. r silverman says:

    I agree. I forgot my password, Its very difficult to login.

  40. Benito Kamela says:


  41. AJ says:

    Myspace is a social blight on our society that does little more than allow pathetic nobodies to feed their ego and sense of self-importance while making themselves, their families, friends, colleagues, and lives totally vulnerable to intrusions and incursions by outsiders with malicious agendas. Con artists, potential stalkers, pedophiles, sociopaths, and would-be identity thieves frolic anonymously amongst the throngs with total freedom, masquerading as potential friends, networking contacts, and confidants, ready to lure unsuspecting users into deleterious and sometimes dangerous affiliations. Like in the real world, they strategically target the weakest members of the herd who are prone to being overly trusting, naive, ignorant, or simply reckless. To make matters worse, many unsuspecting myspace users tend to provide these deviants and opportunists with all the personal information and details required to a) pretend to share interests, b) gain someone’s trust, and c) ingratiate or insert themselves into someone’s life. Furthermore, these moronic posers unwittingly offer-up ample data (ie. cities, companies, true surnames) to actually enable a really motivated, disturbed, or fixated stalker to seek them out in the real world and initiate actual physical interactions. It’s basically the wild west: a platform for egocentric drivel, a haven for undesirables, and a crazy marketing machine that only exists because of ad revenues. One last thing… WTF is with accumulating and essentially trading friends like some sort of warped commodity? Are we back in grade school trading baseball cards here? These are people, not assets! And I don’t care even the slightest bit what some arrogant peon with real-world social phobias scored on a personality test… really none of us do. The only reason I can imagine anyone wanting to waste their life perusing such useless clutter is if they’re a wacko voyeur with dark motivations. SO BEWARE! That “friend” your significant other met on myspace probably wants to defile them sexually (or worse) and is perpetrating a long con at your expense. If myspace disappeared totally, the world would, IMHO, be a better place. Honestly, I would scoff at the shared melancholy of thousands of socially repressed, narcissistic losers who would suddenly be lost without it, who have spent years of their lives building and tweaking their perfect virtual monument to their own egos. And one more thing: I blame this whole thing on the “Me” generation… all these kids who grew up being told they’re each special and everyone deserves a voice, etc. etc. What a joke! You’re not famous and you never will be… you’re a nobody. Deal with it. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy in this life.

  42. ALEX FROM NJ says:

    myspace sucks balls. everything about it sucks. it has plagued my 2 brothers and they log on every fucking half hour to see how many “friends” they can get and what “kool comments” someone might post and take goddammn pictures in the bathroom. thats all they talk about! it annoys me to insanity.

  43. Damien Qui says:

    Having used and been a member of myspace for several years, I feel I should offer my perspective.

    On your points:
    1. Spam happens, but not if you use a little common sense. Enabling Captcha = no more spam. I don’t see how much simpler it could be. ANY SNS, just like ANY email service, or ANYTHING that you even glance is constantly being targeted by spammers. Bigger SNS’s are naturally bigger targets, but I get no spam in myspace, and haven’t for a loooong time. As soon as you connect to the internet, you are a target. Everyone knows this, and most just learn how to stay armed and camo’d.
    2. I think I’ve got that message twice, ever. Maybe that’s a fluke, but I have not had a problem with speed in years. The only times I have gotten that message was when they were in the process of upgrading their site. To me, that’s just the nature of the beast.
    3. Commie.
    4. Once again, nature of th beast. It’s not Myspace, it’s social networking and the internet in general, and myspace is one of the top players in that field. In fact here is the title and tagline of the article YOU are citing and misrepresenting: “Social-networking sites a ‘hotbed’ for spyware
    Youths on MySpace and similar sites aren’t cautious about surfing the Web”
    So you are posting on whosucks.com about how much you hate social naetworking sites. I think Alanis wrote a song about that.
    5. Yeah, everybody hates getting online and seeing nothing but free music and streaming video from both mainstream and independent artists of every genre, much of which they never would have heard of before looking for it on myspace. Note that I said ‘looking for it’.
    6. Two points… Fan sites and fan content are often more creative, enthusiastic, and genuine than the official (i.e. commercial) equivalent created by whatever company the band decided to hire. Also, many mainstream bands create a myspace profile and link to it from their official sites. If you ever do start liking music and video… and people, you may notice this when you email your favorite artist to tell them ho much you hate emailing musicians.
    7.True. Ads suck. But once again, it’s the nature of the beast. Would I prefer no ads? Funk yeah! Have you found a myspace equivalent that’s half as powerful which doesn’t contain ads? Can you find one with less ads? Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.
    8. Yeah, it could be better, and probably will be. They actually have a pretty heavily equipped search engine for meeting new friends, but it get’s a tiny bit trickier when that girl at kinko’s that you’ve been dying to stalk won’t tell you her myspace address. So far, your only option is importing your friends from your email accounts and other sns’s. But that requires you to have some friends that you already communicate with.
    9. Didn’t you say that already? That same hack could have been applied to any sit running similar content. For more, reread #4.
    10. Bulletins are from your friends only, people and bands that you wanted to keep up with. I really don’t know what needs to be said.
    11. Once again, you’re confusing myspace with the internet. Myspace does all they can, and more than most, to protect it’s underage members… not that the burden should be entirely on them. Hey, Parents? “Middle and high school principals in Boston, like school administrator Judith Malone Neville, are warning parents to monitor what their children put online. Police and school officials nationwide urge parents to remind their children that when they post their private thoughts online, strangers are definitely watching.” Makes a little more sense for parents to dictate what the actions of their children than for their children to dictate the behavior of the world, doesn’t it? As a parent, I feel for those who have suffered, but Myspace has never raped a child, or forced a parent to let the computer babysit for them.
    12. That’s one for you.
    13. Are you serious? Have you seen some of the funkin’ rants from every freaking side of the fence that saturate Myspace? I’m a proud Obama supporter and I’ve posted so much anti-republican liberal propaganda…
    14. It’s that or nothing. It was china that wanted it that way, and you abide by the law of the land. In china the age of consent is 14, but we still can’t watch their child porn.
    15. Myspace is easier to use, which just seems to torture you. Don’t think that’s the reason? then don’t link to an article that says just that. Incidentally, in said article, they start out simply comparing facebook and myspace, go on to talk about how much the world is changing thanks to these ‘powerful tools’, and somewhere in between approaches racism with comments like this:
    “The Goodie Two-shoes, jocks, athletes or other ‘good’ kids are now going to Facebook,” Boyd writes in her report. “These kids tend to come from families who emphasize education and going to college. They are primarily white, but not exclusively. They are in honors classes, looking forward to the prom and live in a world dictated by after school activities,” she added.
    On the other hand, “MySpace is still home for Latino/Hispanic teens, immigrant teens, ‘burnouts,’ ‘alternative kids’” and others who don’t quite fit the typical mold of the popular high school student, she wrote. “These are kids whose parents didn’t go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school.”
    16. Having been a computer geek since I was a teenager (early nineties), a computer technician for years, and using my computer for everything, I’m going to tell you what at least one computer geek says. Go build a massive international network that allows people from across the globe to easily meet, share, and communicate while integrating multimedia sharing with a communications phalanx of user-created interest groups, blogs, forums, etc. and then you’ll have a legitimate reason to bitch about social networking sites. I am happy with my little space. It looks good, it’s easy to maintain, and it does exactly what I need it to where nothing else can. I can build and have built sites with streaming media, discussion forums, etc. and you know what the biggest difference is. Myspace is less work, almost zero maintenance, free, and generates instant traffic.

    But then again, maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.
    Reach me at myspace.com/damienqui and, as Roger Manning said, have a nice day.

  44. Damien Qui says:

    Oh, but don’t go there right now, as I am totally trying to get myself booted

  45. Harry Potter says:

    Myspace sucks ass, my college blocked the website because it kept giving the network viruses.

  46. Your momma says:

    Seriously I believe you’re a jealous little baby that’s mad because he didn’t think of it first. If your have the genius Tom is perhaps you’d quit your crying and try to come up with sonething half as good as myspace. I find you annoying and very much a crybaby. Yes myspace sucks from time to time and it gets frusterating, but it happens to be a great, simple way to keep in touch with my friends. So take you’re crying rump to your momma, idiot.

  47. Your dadda says:

    And seriously all of you do the country a favor and grow up.

  48. Ryan says:

    Yeah really myspace sucks loads, to post videos dat i made, i made a utube acc like a year ago nd i started making friends nd talking der its really amazing on der, den i tried making a myspace acc nd i found it to be horrible i closed the acc within 12 hrs i made it seriously myspace is fucked from every side lol.

  49. Mason Manson says:

    i hate myspace cuz of the constant ads and shit and i also hate myspace because there a new thing every week in a bad way. i mean that there is always a new thing that doesn’t work no myspace. one week it’ll be music another week you wont be able to comment on any channel. also there is a whole bunch of old people who wanna touch your balls on the site by making there perfectly normal daughter an account and make her into a slutty bitch who wants to fuck so she picks people up and they go to the old guys house to get fucked but they ended up with having to bend over for a old hag