95 Responses to “16 Reasons Why MySpace Sucks”

  1. FUCK MYSPACE says:

    Myspace is fucking stupid. And your “private” pages aren’t really private.. anyone with two ounces of hacking knowledge can really look at your crap.. it’s bs. Myspace “big brother” recently deleted one of my pictures that they considered “questionable content”.. though I’ve seen full nude pictures and all kinds of crap that’s been on there forever. Fucking gay shit won’t let me upload new pictures now. Fucker. I was trying to upload a FUCK MYSPACE picture and see if they’d delete that. I am ashamed to say I’ve had an account since like 2005 and I’m really thinking about deleting it. Myspace just gets worse every day.

  2. Ryan says:

    “MySpace is owned by NewsCorp: Rupert Murdoch’s evil corporation, which runs Fox News, also owns MySpace.”

    The crybabies of the world whine about Fox if you don’t like turn it off. That is what I do with both FOX and The Clinton News Network, CNN, they are both worthless. The BCC is the only halfway decent world news network out there. The also are crap on a lot of subjects. The problem is people don’t read anymore, how many books did you read this past year? Stop Crying you worthless examples of the human race. I am sick of your misspelled profanity being hailed as news. Go Die!

  3. Alexander says:

    Thanks God I’m not in MySpace!

  4. tim r says:

    And the number one reason myspace sucks: the whole site is owned by Rupert Murdoch CEO of News Corporation whos properties include:
    Fox Business Network
    Fox Kids Europe
    Fox News Channel
    Fox Sports Net
    Fox Television Network
    My Network TV
    News Limited News
    Sky Box Office
    Sky Movies
    Sky One
    Sky Sports
    Speed Channel
    STAR TV Taiwan
    Times Higher Education Supplement Magazine
    Times Literary Supplement Magazine
    Times of London
    Weekly Standard Magazine
    and Myspace

    can you say monopoly? I knew you could.

  5. cali says:

    Thank God I have the brain cells to know that myspace it a piece of shit. I’m sick and tired of seeing fucking pre-teens on there that think they’re “gangsta shit” and emo out their profiles because it’s “hhhhhxxxxcccccc”. It’s nothing but a superficial shit hole for kids who think they’re cool.

  6. Satan says:

    I hate MySpace because of all the fucking ads on there. I can’t find shit with all the other shit blocking my view. It needs to be cleaned up.

  7. Sam Hamilton says:

    You are quite right. For music and art related activities go to http://www.putiton.com It’s much cleaner and easy to use. If you need lots of friends on the internet go to facebook. Enough of this myspace stuff already!

  8. Bruce Johnston says:

    Come on guys, myspace ain’t that bad, a bit slow but there’s still fun to be had with it. Sam (the dude above me)- I check out http://www.putiton.com and think that when the usership grows it will be an awesome site. Maybe even replace myspace’s relevance to music! Who know’s? However, these guys are a tough crowd so don’t expect them to love it immediately.

  9. club penguin says:

    Most of the profiles are (female)spammers trying to get you to sign up for some other site … its a shame to take such a good concept and ruin it. Myspace will fall … mark my words.

  10. Say No says:

    yepo, myspace is terrible!

  11. My-Connect says:



  12. will 2 the white says:

    Myspace is better than facebook

  13. Becki says:

    Dear Mr. Jefferson,
    Reading your rant was a waste of time, humorous and annoying. Even though you made a few valid points they where overshadowed by your desperate attempt at an ‘educated’ post that instead reeks of resentment and what seems like a childish temper. There is a way to make an article that is both informative and effective in conveying its message without coming across as being so judgmental and brash. I think you’ve failed at this. You have many truthful and factual statements here but you should be a little more concerned with winning over your audience than being destructive for your cause. Only people who have pent up anger and haste like you will appreciate this article. Otherwise, it will fall on deaf ears.
    I am both pro MS and pro FB. Any SNS can have its flaws and its strengths. It’s mostly tit for tat. You sound very bitter. Maybe you should try a glass of wine and a bubble bath?

  14. izzy says:

    I would like Mspace if it was safer. But since it clearly isn’t safe (your account can get hacked into easily) I’m just going to stick with Facebook.

    If you just type in “How to” on Google and wait for some suggestions to come up, one of them is “How to break into a Myspace account.” Am I the only one who thinks thats messed up??

  15. Blair says:

    One guy here stated that he`s paying a dollar per minute to call other states. I don`t know of any phone service that charges a dollar per minute to make a long distance call.

  16. FuckSpace says:

    Myspace is just idiot. If you’d spend half of your time spent trying to set a discrete looking at your profile in going out with your friends, well maybe you’d not surely be so alone as you feel when you watch your stupid myspace page.

  17. Acid Rain says:

    Ha lol…so true…myspace IS full of child molesters and idiots…just like tom anderson….lol…oh and NEWSCORP OWNS MYSPACE????….thats disappointing…and all you nerdraged people out there not agreeing to this…..FUCK YOU!!! STOP USING MYSPACE!!! AND IF U JUST “LOVE” MYSPACE THEN WHY DID U EVEN READ THIS TRUTHFUL POST????…..anyways…MYSPACE’S REIGN OF TERROR AND GAYNESS SHALL STOP!!!!….and tom anderson should die….oh and btw when u look up tom anderson in wikipedia…he looks like a pedophile…

  18. Dave Mendoza says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! – And here I was, thinking I was the only rationally thinking human being left on earth who had noticed it!

    Thank you for making my day!

    I love you all!

  19. Paige says:

    Ok, I agree that we all have a right to our own opinions. I’ll respect that you hate myspace. But, I have to say, the way you describe people who use myspace is biased. Sure, MOST people on myspace are idiots or emo-kids, but not everyone. I know that (most) of my friends are NOT illiterate little tweebs. And neither am I. The only reason I use myspace is to talk to my friends when we can’t get together, which is very hard to do now-a-days, due to the fact that my parents forced me to take online school (but I’ll be going back to regular school next week, thank god).
    Also, in my opinion, I don’t like Facebook and Twitter. Myspace and email are the only social networking sites I use, and on both I only talk to people I’ve met, not adults or total strangers. Trust me, I’m paranoid enough to not add anyone I don’t know personally.

  20. mario says:


  21. Myspace sucks ass, my college blocked the website because it kept giving the network viruses.

  22. Al says:

    Lets not forget the thousands of boys and girls who get raped because of the friggin site. It lost 900 MILLION DOLLARS TODAY! YAY! I hope the website goes DOWN TO THE GROUND. Damn that website.

  23. Tyller Paris says:

    MySpace is for cretins. Oh My God No, I signed up and bailed shortly thereafter. They won’t let you delete your page! So…..I just changed all the info, deleted my photos, and wrote insults against MySpace in the info boxes!
    All the mail I got was pre-fab spam from men who don’t exist (and if they do, should be eliminated) who said they read my profile. If they had read my profile, they would never have written me. My profile said NO OUT OF TOWN LETTERS please and all I got was guys from ‘USA’ or some nebulous place on the globe. The letters were pathetic and obviously were sent out to alot of morbidly lonely women to see who would bite. I didn’t. I bailed! Alot of 419 stuff going down judging by the poor English in the crazy letters.

  24. Gwyneth says:

    Seemed like the thing to do at the time. When I began to get repetitive form letters the length of the Constitution from jagoffs who obviously never read my profile, I began to suspect spammers. I asked to be deleted but was sent links to my email that did not work in deleting my profile. There are guys who add you as a friend then harass you until you must delete them from your friends and block their mail.Not one quality man has entered my realm through MySpace. I am a knock-out with class, not showing my rear end and cleavage. I do have quite a few friends but they are as useless as breasts on a nun. What’s the point. we will never meet. I have been obstructed from deletion so seem doomed to have the profile until the Second Coming. Thankfully I have McAfee security installed in my PC so am not too worried about cyber intrusion.

  25. Tyler Paris says:

    Hmmmm. As I browse people on My Space I see that our American culture has deteriorated to the breaking point.People’s photos and profiles are crude and reflect cultural depravity and rank blashemy in some cases. How many people are flashing the devil’s hand sign? Or their tits? Or their tush? Or blatantly showing highly satanic imagery like it is cool to worship a fallen angel. So many unattrative people shown at their worst. No wonder our society is rife with blank, mind controlled drones. Places like MySpace give them a forum. A really nice, decent profile is shunned like the plague.

  26. Orion Haas says:

    As for the hackers who can really look at your stuff, I always post fake names, birthdates, zip codes. My photos are neublous and some of them are not me, just someone who looks like me from a distance. especially aafter Ihave customized the photo. I do no online banking at all so there is nothing to see. Anyone who puts their real ID info on MySpace or an online dating site is a naive person who could get fleeced.

  27. Bob Jincks says:

    ALERT!!! Big MySpace scam! DO NOT fill out anyo fhte IQ tests or other questionnaires that pop us. They all lead to the eventual asking of your phone # and cell phone provider.If you enter the info, you will see a charge of at least $19.99 from Flycell.com, who is the perp behind all these love quizzes and IQ tests. When I entered a complaint, MySpace assured me they were innocent and would look into it. Horse puckey. They are profiting from it and the same old crap is poppoing up every day on the site. AT&T is aware of this via many complaints from people who never signed up for flycell.com services, but were charged nonetheless. They removed the charge from my bill.

  28. Lol... says:

    {{{{{{Ron on September 6th, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    This kid is a retard obviously. Someone hasn’t realized that Facebook is for the intelligent and higher class kids that want to do something with their lives. Where as myspace kids are ignorant poor class. Myspace sucks … Mainly because of the Child Molesters, Retarted people that think their myspace page is the shit and looks so cool when in reality its the most ignorant thing I have ever seen in my life. Idiots posting their phone number on there saying ”OMG TXT ME” “CALL ME ;) ” Seriously?? You really want someone to call you saying taking your friends name and saying they got a new number and want to meet you somewhere and then rape/molest you and you sit there and wonder why that just happened? People need to get fucking real. If you want to keep in touch with someone get a cellphone and call them. I could possibly sit there and write about the pointless shit and poor taste in music not to mention the crappy unsigned bands that want to get famous. Its rediculous… Not to mention the 10 year old girls posting half nude pics on there to impress someone is insane. Advertising porn. Its just a Internet Mainframe for morbidly obese guys to stare at young girls and get their rocks off and get people molested because they dont know any better. Myspace is fucking useless. Close the stupid shit down and give more space on the internet for more usefull things like How to turn a tv on with out a remote…. Seriously. -.- Fucking A…

  29. RonPaulSucks says:

    “I do with both FOX and The Clinton News Network, CNN, they are both worthless. The BCC is the only halfway decent world news network out there.”

    So you watch the “BCC” frequently?

  30. fakbook says:

    facebook is even worse now IMHO as it’s all more personal and even more “LOOK AT ME OMG OMFG LOL”.

  31. PhazzedOut says:


    Haha. Caps… shows everyones intelligence. Acutally Facebook is the second most visited website in the world (According to Alexa) Not for you saying he is retarded is just a silly childish attack just because you do not agree with him.

  32. kate says:

    myspace… that whirlwind of fucktards

  33. trell brown says:

    I am so upset right now and this just ruined my day. Not exciting news at all. If i wanted my music playlist to be on myspace I would have made one a long time ago. and im upset that my music playlist is being “intergrated” into myspace which means im prob gonna lose a lot of songs. errrh im so angry! bring Imeem back!. ALSO, myspace produces 15 year old female killers like Alyssa Bustamante. Myspace advertises porn. myspace is for kids who are ignorant poor class fucktards…

    MySpace is for cretins. They won’t even let me delete my page! Lets not forget the thousands of boys and girls who get raped because of the friggin site. It lost 900 MILLION DOLLARS TODAY! YAY! I hope the website goes DOWN TO THE GROUND. Damn that website. I would like Mspace if it was safer. But since it clearly isn’t safe (your account can get hacked into easily) I’m just going to stick with Facebook. It is a cult of teeny boppers and child molesters who like to get in touch with each other.

  34. That guy in the corner says:

    Here’s a fresh reason.

    They took over IMEEM. That site was the best music source around and now Myspace takes it. It’s not fair.

    Myspace is the devil of the internet!!

  35. I LIKE MEN says:

    There are 2 type of people on myspace
    1. Pedofiles, rapist and whatever looking for 10-16 year old sluts
    2. Slutty girls around 10-16 years old looking for pedos

  36. Exterminate says:

    The problem I have with myspace are the “pretend to be friends” fakes,the tech issues are very annoying,The high school attitudes on there are so childish.They ought to call it Myfakes instead.

  37. Lionel says:

    A friend of mine was hit by a car and he had asked me to publish a book of his. So I changed my MySpace profile to say it was about his story… and some pansy reported me. MySpace sent me a canned letter saying my account was deleted without a chance to protest the allegations so I told them to suck my ass. On times when I’d actually written a thoughtful, cooperative response to them, all I would get back was another generic response that included every possible contingency they could think of (about 12 things). I haven’t used them since except to sponge free music. Even then I’d rather pay for iTunes than deal with their substandard quality of user and sea of spam.

    Facebook has been a little dorky around the edges, but when you take a look at someone like Steve Forbes, the Woz or Bill Gates, for example, you realize that sometimes you can live with a bit of dorkishness in the face of a greater good. I haven’t seriously used MySpace in about two years and I hope the platform implodes. Go Facebook!

  38. Fuck Myspace says:

    Those mother fuckers bought off imeem. Thats the only reason I need to hate it. If I ever see Rupert Murdoch, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him.


    YEAH it should shut down soon and get rid of Myspace. They added fuel on the fire of people who used Imeem, Imeem is far better than Myspace seriously….

    “We’re happy to share that we’ve recreated your imeem playlists on MySpace Music. We spent a lot of time and effort to make a home for your music on our platform and beginning today you’ll be able to access your playlists.”

    RECREATED MY ASS!! THERE”S A LOT OF MISSING PLAYLIST AND SONGS!!!I uploaded lots of original songs came from my PC at Imeem now onlye few remaining. In Imeem I can search a lot of songs and listen to them even some songs that impossible to find you can find it there, now that it was gone… YOU SUCKS REALLY HARD MYSPACE!

  40. I never really liked myspace nor do i like facebook or any other social networking sites. They just seem like just a waste of time.

  41. Jeff Gorlein says:

    It claims to have a “no adult links” ToS section but allows Suicide Girls and Jenna Jameson to link to their adult sites. It is nothing more than a contradiction to itself.

  42. All myspace can do is copy facebook right now to prevent people from switching.

  43. Czanga says:

    Too much drama, racism, whores, dummies, and nerds on it. Everyone in my school have one… I had one for 2 days and then I closed it. YouTube used to be good but it’s still better then MySpace.

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